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betty replied to topic peg pliko stroller???

This feedback is probably coming a bit late, but just in case you haven't bought a stroller yet I'm posting it. I know 2 people that have a pilko. One mum told me not to buy it as it was falling ...

Thursday 13 July 10:13pm

betty replied to topic Which Pram should I buy???

I have the 3 wheel Valco Runabout with a toddler seat. I don't recommend it for 2 children. When the older & obviously heavier child sits in the toddler seat there is alot of weight placed on the...

Thursday 13 July 09:55pm

betty replied to topic Soy formula - Soy Milk??

My son is allergic to dairy products. After I stopped breast feeding he was put onto Infasoy. (from 7 mths) He is now 2. My health nurse adviced me to keep using Soy Formula until he was 2, as t...

Sunday 21 March 12:10am
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