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Kristina replied to topic HOW MUCH DOES UR 3 YR OLD WEIGHT?

My son turned 3 in January he is finally 13kg now. We had him all checked out by a paediatrician because he stayed at 10kg for ages. There was nothing wrong with him we were just told to give him f...

Sunday 19 March 12:18pm

Kristina replied to topic Nearly two and talking no sense :)

My son James didn't talk much untill he hit two, he started talking some words - I can remember him saying "whats that" as we used to say it alot when taking him for walks, but didn't get much sign...

Sunday 19 March 12:13pm

Kristina started new topic The new speeding ad..

I just did a market research survey thing (conducted by the RTA) and in it they showed that new speeding ad - I think it's been on TV too. It's really graphic, a father with his son driving along, ...

Sunday 19 March 12:01pm

Kristina replied to topic Townsville Mum

Hi Kristie, I'm Kristina, 26yrs old with a nearly 3yr old boy & 14 month old girl. I know how you feel as my husband also works away (mining industry, not the forces). We have been in Townsville s...

Wednesday 21 December 11:37am

Kristina replied to topic Breast Feeds 4 9mth old?

G'day, My daughter is nearly 9 months now and basically I can only feed her lying down on our bed. This is mostly my fault as it's how I've fed her for ages, so makes it hard when we're out! One ...

Wednesday 29 June 08:33pm

Kristina replied to topic what age did you change to bottle?

I started my son on bottles at 8 months (it took about a month for him to be completely off the breast) mainly cos I felt I was running out of milk but also due to wanting another child close toget...

Wednesday 29 June 08:23pm

Kristina started new topic Moving to Townsville

G'day, We are moving to Townsville in 4wks time from Darwin. The kids are 2.5yrs and nearly 9 months old. Anybody here from the area?? I will be looking for a playgroup / mothers group to join a...

Wednesday 29 June 08:05pm

Kristina replied to topic Advice needed on formula

Update: Hey I've got progress already, she complains first then on her terms accepts some milk from the bottle (usually 80 - 100ml at best). I thought about the perialistic pidgeon ones and almo...

Tuesday 28 June 10:39am

Kristina replied to topic Not doing poos on the toilet

My 2.5 yr old is the same too,wont poo on the toilet, usually he does one first thing in the morning (like 6am) in his nappy or during his daytime nap when he wears a nappy. Offered rewards, tried ...

Sunday 26 June 11:45am

Kristina replied to topic Advice needed on formula

G'day, My Little Miss is 8.5 months now and after she bit me on the tit (with one of her already 3 teeth) I decided it's time to wean. So painful to feed the past 3 days!! So yes I'm in the same s...

Sunday 26 June 11:31am

Kristina replied to topic Just about anything......

good on you for giving it a go! Hope you find this a good site to visit.

Tuesday 05 April 01:07pm

Kristina replied to topic Age when you have your first baby.

I was 23 when I had James, and had my 25th birthday in hospital when I had Matilda. Our family is now complete.

Tuesday 05 April 01:03pm

Kristina replied to topic Just about anything......

Kristina from Darwin, sahm with a 6 month old & 2yr old. Just moved house locally so busy cleaning the old place for the inspection DH away working so got to work around the kids (got 4 days to go...

Saturday 02 April 07:28pm

Kristina replied to topic Prams and Public Transport don't mix!!!!

I found it awkward travelling on a train once in Perth, it was my first time in a long time, and had a pram and a 9 month old I think, taking a trip to the city with Nanny. Seats ect were no troubl...

Friday 25 March 02:27pm

Kristina replied to topic Baby Carriers

Definitely makes you think again about how much you rely on the safety on such products! It could have been a tragedy as you say, very serious injury at the least. Pretty ridiculous on the companys...

Friday 25 March 02:12pm

Kristina replied to topic Any October 2004 babies??

Hi Ladies, DD is nearly 6 months now, and last time I had he weighed (at her 4 month immunisations) she was almost 8kg! DS 2yrs is barely 10kg! Anyway she is starting to eat a little bit of solids...

Friday 18 March 02:32pm

Kristina replied to topic Start NOW - we'll do it together!

Hi Kris, Thats great! And the rewards work a treat for us too in getting him to wee on the toilet anyway. I imagine James will go when he's ready. We don't punish him or anything when he does it i...

Monday 14 March 08:20am

Kristina replied to topic What solid foods do I start my baby on and when? Is it 4 mnths or 6mnths? How can you tell?

I started James at 5 - 5.5 months and Matilda a week ago when she turned 5 months. I'm doing the Heinz rice cereal (from 4 months same as Farex really) it comes as a powder and you mix with either ...

Tuesday 08 March 01:23pm

Kristina replied to topic that's life

Definitely buy the mags, not always but most of the time. Always read them cover to cover on the first day and puzzels I really only do for the comps hoping to win (instead of buying those elusive ...

Saturday 05 March 10:24pm

Kristina started new topic How much does your 2yr old weigh?

Our DS is 25 months now. He still weighs 9-10kg. His height (about 80 percentile) and H/C (50 percentile) are fine but his weight is under the 25 percentile line for his age. Anyone in a similar si...

Saturday 05 March 10:12pm
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