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HI Ladies, do you know about the Mums and Bubs movies sessions at Hoyts? I went to something similar in NZ but they didnt have the goodie bags. Ok the lowdown Held twice a month at 10am (approx)...

Friday 27 May 07:43am started new topic Calling all Mums in Blacktown and Penrith areas

Hi ladies. I live in Tregear and recently moved to auz from New Zealand. Iam looking to make new friends. I am very keen to start a coffee group, I was thinking of on on a Fridays. I belonged t...

Thursday 26 May 06:15am replied to topic meeting at kidz zone

HI, I am in aus now, I tryd to change my emblem but it wont work

Tuesday 17 May 11:39am replied to topic meeting at kidz zone

Hi I would love to come to your group. Whens your next meet up? Chrissy

Sunday 15 May 07:09am replied to topic Mums meeting other Mums

Hi, I would love to join your coffee group. We live in Tregear and recently moved here from New Zealand. We have 3 wonderful kids (well most of the time. I am Married and a stay at home mum. My...

Sunday 15 May 06:33am started new topic coffee groups in NSW - MT Druitt and surrounding suburbs

HI everyone, we have recently moved to Australia from New Zealand and have now finally settled in NSW. We live in Tregear and I am looking to join or start a coffee group in this area. So if you ...

Wednesday 11 May 01:35pm replied to topic Moving to Ballarat, melbourne

Hi thanks for your reply. We are now here, YA Still keen to hear if their are any coffee groups running. Also in new zealand, they have Plunket, who you can take you baby to for check ups and th...

Wednesday 16 March 07:24pm started new topic Moving to Ballarat, melbourne

Hi Everyone, we are making the big move from Auckland new zealand to Ballarat Melboure very soon. I am wanting to know of any coffee groups in Ballarat or people living in Ballarat. Feel free to ...

Wednesday 23 February 02:48pm replied to topic Birth Stories

Jo, I too can relate to that "high" I missed out with the first too after having a long and difficult labour with my first and ending in an emergency c-section, then complications with my second (...

Monday 06 September 05:48pm replied to topic Birth Stories

Heidiblue - wow that must have been really scary for you. Does Hayley have any long term health problems from the fluid she swallowed? Rachael was born at 2.32pm on the monday. I only saw her for ...

Monday 06 September 05:43pm replied to topic Birth Stories

Wow great stories. Heidi blue, when was Hayley Jane born, Mary-Jane was almost 3 weeks late. My first, Jonothan was 2 weeks overdue - was induced, had a really long labour and then a c-section b...

Wednesday 01 September 03:44am replied to topic To Hyphen - or not to hyphen

Hi folks, the moderators have moved my post on birth stories too, Pregnancy & birth - Your Labour & birth.

Tuesday 31 August 01:27pm replied to topic To Hyphen - or not to hyphen

Hi eilishsmummy, thanks for your reply. I have just posted Mary-Janes birth details and the full story under Newborns - after the birth - birth stories. Its a bit long, but I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday 31 August 08:53am replied to topic Birth Stories

The birth of Mary-Jane Charlotte Deacon. Born Saturday 7 August 2004 at 12.47am, weighing 8.01 pounds (3680 grams), length 51cm, head 36cm. This birth story really starts on Thursday 5 August 200...

Tuesday 31 August 08:50am started new topic Birth Stories

Hi all, I am not sure if there is a birth stories post anywhere else so I thought I would post one here. Hope to read lots of birth stories

Tuesday 31 August 08:49am replied to topic To Hyphen - or not to hyphen

Nyreek - just wanted to say, thanks so much for your lovely comments - made my day

Friday 27 August 08:59am replied to topic Feeding Frequency

HI guys, I too am having the same problem. I am feeding on demand. Mary-Jane will be 3 weeks old on Monday. Since she had her first growth spurt at 1 week old she had feed every 1-2 hours both da...

Thursday 26 August 02:59pm replied to topic To Hyphen - or not to hyphen

hi everyone- just letting you know, we went with the hyphenate version. Mary-Jane Charlotte was born 7/8/04, almost 3 weeks late. thanks for all your opinions

Thursday 26 August 02:21pm replied to topic The "Due In July" Group

Hi all - I was just wondering what this $3000.00 bonus is that you are talking about?

Sunday 06 June 01:18pm started new topic Braxton hicks contractions

Hi all, I am 33 weeks and today I have had heaps of braxton hicks contractions today, approx 1 every 20-30 mins lasting appox 1 minutle long. my tummy does not hurt but my back aches just after ea...

Wednesday 02 June 03:59pm
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