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JadeH replied to topic When should Bottles stop?

Hi, i'm a breastfeeder so my 11 month old is still on the breast, but from 2 months old she has had water in a cup. I never gave her any water before that. Having worked in daycare, i know the mos...

Friday 09 July 09:13am

JadeH replied to topic At what age did you start feeding your baby dairy foods?

Hi, I haven't started my child on dairy before, as i was told that the earlier they start, the higher the risk of allergies. As she will be breastfed for the first 2 years, there's no need for her...

Thursday 08 July 08:57am

JadeH replied to topic When do I introduce finger foods?

I have been giving my baby finger food from 6.5 months. She still has her tea mashed, although i know longer put it through the blender, and eats it off a spoon but only if i give her something sh...

Thursday 08 July 08:49am

JadeH replied to topic About the control crying question

It is best for the mother to have the baby in a routine, this is true. The doctor I spoke to about control crying said that the method works, because the child works out that his or her needs are ...

Thursday 08 July 08:30am

JadeH replied to topic "Sleep Tight, Sleep Right"

I can't stress enough that I disagree with what people say about how children need to fall asleep independently. World Health Organisation say that it is better for the baby to be breastfed to the...

Thursday 08 July 08:22am

JadeH replied to topic Jolly jumper or no?

Hi, just writing to see how you went with the Jolly Jumper. I bought one for my daughter for Christmas, she was 4.5 months old then. They are are a great invention, I hook her up to the door in t...

Thursday 08 July 08:15am

JadeH replied to topic kids videeos

i feel like a mean mummy now. My daughter has never been allowed to watch videos or tv of any sort! I bought The Lion King 3 (now we have all 3 of them). Also in my collection, The Magic Pudding,...

Thursday 08 July 08:11am

JadeH replied to topic confused advice needed

My baby's father has never seen her. He became angry with me when i told him i was pregnant and i hadn't seen much of him, only the occasional time out shopping. Hannah's nearly 11 months old now...

Wednesday 07 July 08:28am

JadeH replied to topic who else is still exhausted??

My baby only catnaps, too, and i found that taking her outside after her bath woke her up enough so that i could put her to bed around 7pm. She's 10 months old now, sleeps all night in my bed and ...

Wednesday 07 July 08:18am

JadeH replied to topic Jolly Jumper

I bought one for Hannah when she was almost 3 months old and she still uses it. it's great for when i want to have a shower while she's awake, i hook her up to the door frame in the bathroom and h...

Saturday 03 July 08:15pm

JadeH replied to topic Breastfeeding

I was out at the markets with my 10 and half month old and my cousin, who was visiting from Mackay, when my baby decided she wanted a drink of milk. So i went inside to sit at a cafe and have a dr...

Saturday 03 July 07:16pm

JadeH replied to topic single mum and the first date

I am a single mum, also. I broke up with Hannah's dad then found out 4 days later i was pregnant. My baby is 10 and a half months old and i have been seeing someone for the last 6 weeks. I know ...

Saturday 03 July 06:48pm

JadeH started new topic About the control crying question

I sent a message, then took the time to read other questions and answers. I came to the conclusion that maybe it would be best for me to talk to another person about this, as the advice i have rea...

Saturday 03 July 06:16pm

JadeH started new topic Effects of Control Crying

I took my baby to the child health for her 6 month needle and mentioned to the nurse that she was having 6 sleeps each day of 10 minutes each. It wasn't a problem for me, it was in response to the...

Saturday 03 July 02:35pm

JadeH replied to topic New mum in townsville area.

Hi Hayles, I am living in Cranbrook in Townsville, and am a first time mum. My daughter Hannah is 10 and half months old now, her birthday is August 9, 2003. I'm interested in hearing from you. ...

Saturday 03 July 02:19pm

JadeH replied to topic Townsville area

Hi, my mobile number is 0429 092 113. I'd like to meet at a park once a week to let the babes have a play and to get to know other mums with children under school age. My email address is jadehod...

Saturday 03 July 02:06pm

JadeH replied to topic When does the average baby start speaking?

My baby said Mama before dada, only because she doesn't have a dad and i was scared she'd say it, which she does, but because i was afraid dada would be her first word, i would sit there for ages s...

Friday 02 July 12:50pm

JadeH replied to topic What is your 10 month old doing?

My daughter is 10.5 months, and has been walking since the day after she turnedd 9 months old. She points at things, waves, says ta-ta as she waves, she picks things up between her thumb and foref...

Friday 02 July 12:39pm

JadeH replied to topic Feeding 4 month old from a cup

Of course babies get used to breast milk, it's their natural diet and so it should be too. Maybe you could try expressing your own milk, then you can get the baby used to the cup or bottle without...

Friday 02 July 12:22pm

JadeH replied to topic What's your day like?

Hannah wakes up at 5.30am and i put her on the breast, which is where she stays until 6am. Then she plays on the floor with her toys and i stay in bed until 7. Then i get up, we have outside play...

Friday 02 July 09:21am
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