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~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Conway yes or no?

I have nothing against surnam-y first names, my boys have them, but Conway? No.

Wednesday 19 November 06:17pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Vote your faveourite and comment Thoughts on these names please :)

Ivy and Violet were at the top of my list but dh wouldn't have either So obviously they'd be my top two picks. Mia is soooo popular atm and I really don't see the reason. Bit borin...

Wednesday 19 November 04:05pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Baby girl's name - big sister is Ellen

Katherine (Kate), Cora, Juliet, Louisa, Edith, Violet, Olive, Tessa

Wednesday 12 November 06:46pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Help name our baby boy due in 32 days!!!

Blake or Carter

Wednesday 12 November 06:23pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Restistant Eaters in Childcare

I have no real advice for you except to say, if care is totally necessary I'd probably be looking for another centre, perhaps a family dc where there are smaller numbers and might be able to b...

Thursday 25 September 05:29pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Baby gender - has you scan ever been wrong?

My cousin works in medicine and she's heard of it happening quite a lot where the patient was told the wrong sex.

Wednesday 24 September 04:45pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Should I immunise if she has a cold?

I guess by now you've already had it done? I wouldn't personally. Drs seem to rush to say it's fine too often IMO. I think because imunisation rates are down they grab the opportunit...

Wednesday 24 September 04:42pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Opinions on Anouk??

I thinks it's lovely It's pronounced Ah-nook, but the emphasis is on the first part, not on the K. The little girl in the movie Chocolat is Anouke. The way her mum says her name with t...

Wednesday 24 September 04:38pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Sleep issues with baby - sleeping at night but with early wakings and bad naps

At that age if he's sleeping through after having a 6.30pm feed then waking at 5am is completely normal! If he's having trouble settling back after a feed then perhaps putting him in with...

Thursday 18 September 03:34pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Help! Cant decide on a boy name from these 4...

That's a hard one, I love them all too! I think Archer is getting a little bit popular now so that would put me off slightly. I too prefer Leo over Leonardo. I would go with Gabriel (Gabe) or...

Thursday 11 September 03:18pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Middle name for Emme

I think Raya goes best of the 3.

Wednesday 10 September 05:54pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Au pair - food issues! Opinions, please!!!

Are you paying her any extra at all? I think it's completely reasonable if food + board is all she gets for all the childcare you're getting from her. If you're also paying her an al...

Tuesday 09 September 01:35am

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Obstetrician this normal?

I think it's unreasonable to expect them to be available every weekend. They will have organized another ob to cover the weekend so you won't be left without anyone should you happen to l...

Thursday 04 September 04:47pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic boys name help.

I like Ashton and I think that's the one that sounds most in line with your other boys names.

Sunday 31 August 06:45pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Ikea SUNDVIK cot - please help!!!

Sorry can't help you with that specific cot but had to reply to your comment re the colour. Don't get a dark colour! When your lo gets some teeth those little bite marks really stand out...

Saturday 30 August 02:22am

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Which one from these 4 girls names?

Violet or Maeve

Thursday 28 August 05:54pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Help us choose a "T" name

Hopeful Hippo wrote: ~Ruby~Gloom~ wrote: Not a fan of your current short list tbh. Some "T" names I like - Thomas, Tobias, Theo, Tadhg, Tanner, Tully How do you pronounce Tadhg ? It&...

Wednesday 27 August 01:44pm

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Help us choose a "T" name

Not a fan of your current short list tbh. Some "T" names I like - Thomas, Tobias, Theo, Tadhg, Tanner, Tully

Wednesday 27 August 02:48am

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Private health ?

If a future pregnancy is likely to be high risk then really King Eddy is going to be the best place for you. Give yourself some time, sorry for the loss of your babe.

Tuesday 26 August 01:52am

~Ruby~Gloom~ replied to topic Food during pregnancy

I wouldn't have it from a deli or anything but mayo from my own fridge, no problem. Or even better, make your own with fresh eggs.

Saturday 23 August 01:45am
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