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girlymum replied to topic March 2007 bubs

Hi March Mums I hope you don't mind me joining in. I am a mum to 4 kids. Emily 5,Ellen 4,Adele 2, and Jack 10weeks. Jack has been good lately. He was born 3 weeks early and had colic. He has s...

Saturday 02 June 11:26am

girlymum replied to topic Kidney Problems

Carole, Sorry to hear your news. I haven't had this problem with my baby, but thought I would tell you of a good paediatrician. Dr Julian Mellick, Level 7 - Mater Medical Centre 293 Vulture St,...

Friday 27 April 10:56am

girlymum replied to topic anyone due april 07

Hi Ladies, Cherlyea and Cathy. I can't pretend to understand how you feel being overdue and how over it you must feel. But I am thinking of you both. They say babies come when they are ready. ...

Thursday 26 April 04:39pm

girlymum replied to topic anyone due april 07

To Cathy and Cherylea, GOOD LUCK I hope you both go into labour soon. I can't wait to hear your wonderful baby news. I hope that you both have easy labours and that they happen soon. Take care....

Tuesday 24 April 08:08am

girlymum replied to topic Tips for painful wind?

If you aren't against medication, you can go to the chemist and buy infants friend. It is what my doctor recommended for Jack. He has really bad wind/colic for the past 1.5weeks. He is only 3.5w...

Wednesday 18 April 10:40am

girlymum replied to topic Breastfeeding and dummies

Jack is 3.5 weeks old and has bad wind/colic since 2 weeks old. He is bf and he is also on drops called infants friend. They are great. You can use them in babies under 1month old. Jack also ha...

Wednesday 18 April 09:08am

girlymum replied to topic anyone due april 07

Hi Ladies, Congratulations to the mums who have the precious babies. I hope your newborn is good to you and settles well for you. Cherylea and Cathy. I think you two are like twins at the momen...

Wednesday 18 April 09:00am

girlymum started new topic Jack Anthoney has arrived. I finally got a boy.

Just wanted to share with all you lovely mums that I have had my baby. Jack Anthoney was born 3weeks 1 day earlier on Friday 23 March 2007 at 12.56am. He weighed 3270 or 7pd 3oz. 56cm long, 36cm...

Monday 26 March 03:02pm

girlymum replied to topic transverse baby then gone on to have VBAC?

hi there, I can't help right now but just thought I would put my comments anyway. my last baby was oblique that resulted in an emergency c-section. I currently have two weeks left for this curren...

Saturday 17 March 09:26pm

girlymum replied to topic Confused!!

Hi there, I won't pretend to even know what you are going through, because I don't, but I did think that if that was my nan (mums mum, who I am not close to either), what would I do. The only thi...

Tuesday 06 March 01:42pm

girlymum replied to topic 12 weeks preg and found a hamerrage?? HELP

Hi Linda, I have had a bleed at 5 weeks and at 13 weeks with my fourth baby. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with that same baby and everything is healthy and fine. No problems since. Try not ...

Wednesday 31 January 11:08am

girlymum replied to topic braxton hicks vs contractions

Hi there, With me braxton hicks were just my whole tummy tightening like a cramp but all over your tummy, but with contractions, they were the same tightening feeling but the were really sharp and...

Wednesday 31 January 10:55am

girlymum replied to topic Bored... Anyone due around April/May?? (And ready already?) :)

Hi there, I am due 14th April. I haven't done anything for this bub yet, which I think has been good in a way. It will help the next 14 weeks go a bit quicker. Mind you I am in a mad panic in m...

Wednesday 10 January 02:35pm

girlymum replied to topic DVT and Clexane

Hi Rita, Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on Darcy. I haven't had this problem before so I can't really help, but I wanted to say Congrats and also to ask, did the doctors know why you developed dvt? No...

Thursday 14 December 11:59am

girlymum replied to topic Is it easier or harder??

Hi Kristy, I am sure that you will be fine. My first two girls were 12mths apart. It will be hard at first to settle both bub and your daugther into the same sleep patterns but you will be able ...

Wednesday 06 December 01:32pm

girlymum replied to topic lonley new mum west of brisbane - trying to find a mothers group

Hi Nicola, I am not sure where you live, but I live at Carbrook, near Redland Bay. My name is Danielle, 31yr old with 3 girls and preg #4. I am having a mums get together tomorrow from 11am if y...

Friday 01 December 02:14pm

girlymum replied to topic Can your birth plan involve walking in the hospital door and....

I don't know how early on in labour they will give you an epidural. I had an epidural after 17 hours labour and they didnt hesitate to give me one when I said I WANT AN EPIDURAL NOW. Sorry I can'...

Friday 01 December 02:06pm

girlymum replied to topic PRE-NATAL DEPRESSION??? ANYONE HAVE/HAD IT?

Hi there, I have had pre-natal depression, but they didn't do anything about it, because it wasn't picked up til the very end. I have also had post natal depression. With pre-natal depression, I...

Thursday 30 November 12:55pm

girlymum replied to topic Borderline result!!

I have never had a borderline blood test result. Maybe that just means that your hcg levels aren't high enough to confirm that you are yet. Maybe try doing a pregnancy test at home and see what i...

Wednesday 15 November 05:13pm

girlymum replied to topic Pregnant already?...

It possibly could be implantation bleeding. I didn't have any bleeding with my first but I did have bleeding with my second. The no bleeding with the next two. I know you wanted to wait til afte...

Thursday 09 November 03:49pm
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