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Holliecorey replied to topic Newborn not latching to breast

I know it is what your prefer but if bub won't latch onto your breast but will a bottle Just express the milk and feed your milk through a bottle. I have not breast fed myself nor fed either m...

Wednesday 24 June 11:57pm

Holliecorey started new topic 2yo wont eat at normal times.

My two year old won't eat all meals during a day. She is a snacker when she wants. Though Today she had 3 helpings of breakfast at 7am as She didn't eat the night before. Lunch she had a ...

Wednesday 24 June 11:42pm

Holliecorey started new topic not a toddler but an 8year old who still soils.

This topic & question is regarding toilet and soiling. My 8 year old son who has an intellectual disability (Learning communication understanding.. Ect..) He attends mainstream school but has b...

Wednesday 24 June 11:23pm

Holliecorey started new topic need advice on

Hi. I have a 2 year old girl who knows the ins and outs. Knows to pull pants down take off nappy. Put her seat on, climb on, wipe then hop off take seat off. Then flush and wash hands... My questio...

Wednesday 24 June 11:02pm
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