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Bridgetbutterfly started new topic Possible shingles contact HELP ASAP PLEASE

Today I received a call from my mum letting me know that she has shingles. As little as 5 days ago my mum was around my 3 month old son. At the time she didn't have blisters so technically not...

Tuesday 15 September 11:30pm

Bridgetbutterfly replied to topic Lactose & Gluten Intolerance

Gluten intolerance/coeliac most common then not goes hand in hand with lactose intolerance if your Bub is coeliac she can have a blood test which should let you know but if it's an intolerance...

Friday 21 August 08:28pm

Bridgetbutterfly started new topic How to clean my baby's ear

I've noticed a build up of ear wax in my bulbs ears lately and using baby cotton buds just pushes it in further how do I clean his ears properly please help

Monday 17 August 08:48pm
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