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jenb replied to topic Help!allergic to gluten,lactose & soy-on neocate,about to start solids,so what can i feed him??!

Hi Beck. You posted a reply to my post on Neocate today. I am curious about what you have written about your son's gluten intolerance because my daughter is milk and soy intolerant, but I have ceol...

Wednesday 21 January 08:19pm

jenb replied to topic Unwrapping herself

We have exactly the same problem! My Emma is also 5 months old. She kicks until she is unwrapped, the blankets are off and then she also does the cot rock. Her cot is elevated and most times she ro...

Monday 24 November 09:11pm

jenb replied to topic Little seizures?

Hi. I have absolutely no experience with babies who have seizures, however.... my baby has had very unresolved complications with reflux. All I can say to you is that if you think it isn't right wh...

Monday 24 November 09:05pm

jenb replied to topic Survey: Vomiting Baby Research

Hi! I had an ordinary, run of the mill vaginal delivery and my baby has reflux. Best Wishes for the research, Janette

Friday 21 November 08:32pm

jenb replied to topic Neocate

Peta, our similarities astound me!! Emma has been on soy in the past. Doesn't it smell awful? I used to find that it would stain my clothes because it is a bit oily. She drank it for one month and ...

Saturday 15 November 09:54am

jenb replied to topic Neocate

Hi Peta! It made my day that someone finally responded to my post!! I was starting to wonder if we really were alone in this feeding trouble! It is a coincidence that your Gaby is 5 months old beca...

Tuesday 11 November 05:22pm

jenb started new topic Neocate

Has anyone's baby been put onto Neocate? Our baby has just been put onto this formula and has had an awful reaction with her poo. Please message me if your baby has had this formula or if you know ...

Friday 31 October 10:15pm

jenb replied to topic Avent Electric steam Steriliser

Thanks Fiona. I have since found the instructions on the Avent website and am now happily sterilising away! Best Wishes, Janette

Wednesday 08 October 09:37pm

jenb replied to topic Hungry baby

Just a suggestion, I was told that the way to work out how much formula your baby needs each feed is to give them 150mls per kg each day. You do 150 x the weight of your baby (this gives you their ...

Sunday 05 October 08:54pm

jenb replied to topic Lactose Intolerent to Breastmilk

What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? My little girl has been on ordinary formula and then thickened formula. The doctor then changed her to soy formula until she just recently started refu...

Thursday 25 September 01:46pm

jenb started new topic Bottle refusal

Help!!! My reflux baby of 15 weeks has suddenly decided that she will no longer drink her bottles. She has been bottle fed since she was 3 weeks of age. Now I am lucky to get 100mls into her. She s...

Saturday 20 September 02:58pm

jenb replied to topic Sleeping a baby with Gastric Reflux

It's soooo good to know that there are other mother's out there that are just like me. No one understands what it is like to have a baby with reflux. I go to my girlfriends houses and their babies ...

Thursday 04 September 03:07pm

jenb replied to topic Constipation

I have also changed from S26AR to Karicare AR because of constipation. It made the world of difference for my little Emma! Like loulou I changed it over in one go. We didn't have any problems in do...

Monday 25 August 07:08pm

jenb replied to topic thickened formula

Thanks. I have used the Karicare thickener when we first started thickening up her feeds. I find it more convenient to just buy it already thickened. We are also in the process of trying to organis...

Thursday 14 August 02:18pm

jenb replied to topic breast pumps

Hi! I had an electric breast pump that was 'Pigeon' brand. It would operate either on batteries or via an adaptor that you plugged into a power point. It had a little valve on it that you pressed t...

Monday 11 August 07:52pm

jenb started new topic Avent Electric steam Steriliser

I have been given this by my sister who has lost the instructions. I am at a loss how to pack it properly to get the most sets of bottles in it that I can. Does anyone have this steriliser who can ...

Friday 08 August 04:29pm

jenb started new topic thickened formula

Hi. Any experience with thickened formulas? I have an 8 week old baby who has silent reflux. She is on Zantac and thickened formula. I tried her on Karicare AR firstly, but then switched to S26 (sh...

Friday 08 August 04:20pm
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