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rb replied to topic How was your mother's day?

hi everyone My first mothers day was beautiful. My lovely son and Partner got me a cappuccino maker and gave me loads of hugs and kisses all day!! we all went and had breakfast with my dad and step...

Wednesday 17 May 08:08pm

rb replied to topic Getting daughter christened and wanted to know....

hi eb My niece was christened and received a variety of christening presents things like silver photo frames ,christening candles and jewellry(cross) not to mention things like a bible story book a...

Wednesday 17 May 07:59pm

rb replied to topic how many teeth did your bubs have by 12mths?

hi there My DS is 10.5 months and is getting his 9th and 10th teeth (at the back too) I think it all depends on the bub.

Saturday 13 May 12:34pm

rb replied to topic A little something for Mum's (especially with Mother's Day this Weekend)

Kerry hope you have a wonderful day too thank you for sharing such a beautiful story happpy mothers day to all!

Saturday 13 May 12:30pm

rb replied to topic Body image

hi all those darn dreaded varicose veins! I actually had them pre pregnancy but they got alot worse after bubby I am pretty happy that i have lost all my pregnancy weight and also stopped smoking -...

Thursday 04 May 06:31pm

rb replied to topic solids

hi melissa My bub started on solids at 31/2 months old as it became very hard to fill his little tummy up with just formula - just cereal at first then slowly we introduced other things - we didn't...

Thursday 04 May 06:21pm

rb replied to topic How did you feel when your baby was born?????

hi My one and only son is now 10 months old and I am always looking at the photos of the day he was born. There is a lady in my local area that takes photos of the sunrise each morning and we ende...

Wednesday 03 May 05:21pm

rb replied to topic Who does your baby look like

Hi All My ds only just 10 months old looks alot like me except for a few gorgeous things he has gotten from his dad - beautiful dark dark brown eyes long lashes and lovely olive skin (daddy is gree...

Wednesday 03 May 05:05pm

rb replied to topic Reactions to immunisation

Hi kazi Hope that bub gets better soon, such a rough time for them when they get their needles being treated like pin cushions. My DS had an upset tummy and vomiting as a reaction to his set of 6...

Monday 01 May 05:27pm

rb replied to topic Do you have a mummies girl/boy ?

hi everyone Do you find it is who spends more time with bubby most -like darkandstormy said. My DS when tired, sooky will always come to me rather than DP (DP works) Got me thinking now too. Hmm?

Monday 01 May 05:17pm

rb started new topic Baby Wave

Hi everyone Just thought that I would share this really cute story, My friend and I were catching up over lunch the other day and my DS was sat in his pram, he had just finished his bottle so I dec...

Sunday 30 April 05:48pm

rb started new topic Dinner disasters

Hi everyone Just recently my almost 10 month old DS has started playing up at dinner time. He has a chair (with tray)that straps to one of our dining chairs and he refuses to sit in it - as he lock...

Saturday 29 April 07:51pm

rb replied to topic pram troubles

Hi Kylie Have you tried putting him in a pouch at all? That way he is still close to you and you have your hands free too

Wednesday 26 April 08:32pm

rb replied to topic What age did your child start walking, if he/she is?

My son started walking at 8.5 months and is almost 10 months old now he is a handful and has always been very active and constantly on the go!

Wednesday 26 April 08:23pm

rb replied to topic disinfecting babies toys.

hi sam i use water water with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in it -rinse and let them air dry. For machine wash I only ever use amolin for bubs stuff

Tuesday 25 April 07:32pm

rb replied to topic What first food did your baby enjoy

hi leanne my son enjoyed pumpkin and sweet potatoe as one of his first foods. Now yoghurt he really enjoys and the first time he had it I remember the face he pulled was just classic - as he was...

Tuesday 25 April 07:14pm

rb replied to topic how much to feed 4.5 month old 5 or 6 feeds

Hi kristen It all sounds ok to me as when my son was 4-5 months old (now 9 mths) he was having 5 bottles of 200mls per day and also solids feeds too - much like your son. As my son started to eat m...

Tuesday 25 April 07:03pm

rb replied to topic Lets put it out there!

Hi i use controlled crying and found that it worked well for us I bottle feed (not by choice) and think that parents should do what they feel is best for their child I think immunisation is defin...

Tuesday 25 April 11:50am

rb replied to topic Sagging breasts

Love the 'tit bits' I found that getting a really good bra for support and getting fitted for my post baby boobs was the main thing. Doing push ups (from the knees) has firmed my muscles on my che...

Monday 24 April 10:11am

rb replied to topic IM SO XCITED!!!

Congratulations Rochelle Fantastic stuff, get ready to tie everything down!

Saturday 22 April 07:46pm
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