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tigress replied to topic guilt about bottle-feeding

You don't mention who suggested this to you, if it was a medical professional I would get a second opinion from a peadiatrition. It would be such a shame to give away the breast feeding that you lo...

Saturday 24 April 06:02am

tigress replied to topic Anyone due in November

hi Erin I'm due on th 14th November, although this is still yet to be confirmed with an ultrasound, as I think it may sooner. It is my second child, my first just turned one, we didn't plan to ha...

Tuesday 20 April 11:24am

tigress replied to topic Which Formula is best

If you compare the nutritional information on the back of the cans, you'll see that they all contain pretty much the same nutrients, so unless you've been recommended a particular type of formula f...

Friday 16 April 06:47am

tigress replied to topic Will I ever venture outdoors without my pillow???

Firstly congratulations on breastfeeding successfully, I struggled with it for a week and heartbreakingly gave up. Have you considered expressing and keeping some breast milk in the freezer for out...

Friday 16 April 06:26am

tigress replied to topic Differences between formulas?

My son is now 12 months and I tried many different formulas. Basically my experiences taught me that nearly all babies have reflux and colic regardless of what formula they have and poos can range ...

Friday 16 April 06:05am

tigress replied to topic Baby Girls Names

I love Ebony for a girls name, but my partner doesn;t (grrrr) Heidi, Angela and Imogen are also favorites but my partner doesn't like them either!!! (I can't win)

Saturday 03 April 07:36am

tigress replied to topic Just new and a bit scared

Hi Jolene, My baby is 9 months old now but I still remember my pregnancy well. I think every mother-to-be worries throughout thier entire pregnancy. Over the next several months you will probably f...

Monday 19 January 10:57pm

tigress replied to topic Freaked out!

Hi Claire, it's probably a good thing that you are "freaking out" , my pregnancy was planned and I really thought I was prepared for motherhood but I think my expectations were too high so when the...

Monday 19 January 10:34pm

tigress replied to topic how much is too much

As long as his weight and length are in roughly the same spot on the growth chart in the Child Health Record (which in the Victorian book he is) then he is only taking what he needs. My theory was ...

Saturday 17 January 12:59am

tigress replied to topic Packets and Jars???

Hi Michelle, I bought the Womens Weekly Babies and Toddlers Good Food cook book a few days ago and it's fantastic. It has a variety of great recipes for different age groups aswell as family meals ...

Saturday 17 January 12:18am

tigress replied to topic Feeling Guilty

I forgot to mention in my last post, I feel breastfeeding might have been all good and dandy 40 years ago when mums stayed at home and baked cookies and cleaned all day and greeted their husbands w...

Saturday 17 January 12:06am

tigress replied to topic Feeling Guilty

I too had problems with breast feeding, my baby just wanted to stay on the breast constantly, I think I got a total of 8 hours sleep in the 4 days I spent in hospital. On the day I was due to go ho...

Friday 16 January 11:50pm

tigress replied to topic scared of labour

I had a normal labour onset that lasted 22 hours in total. The first half was only mild pain, barely more than a period pain, but once my waters broke it was agonizing. So I think regardless of whe...

Friday 16 January 11:07pm

tigress replied to topic S-26 Formula prices in Victoria

Hi jz, My son Damon had no obvious problems changing to Heinz, mind you it was his transition on to follow on formula as well, so regardless of brand he was due for a change. Damon had problems get...

Friday 16 January 10:48pm

tigress replied to topic Epidurals.... To have or not to have???

Hi, I had a terrible experience with pain relief when I gave birth in April 03. I asked for Pethadine when I first went into the delivery room, about 2 hours later the midwife suggested I try the g...

Thursday 15 January 05:24pm

tigress replied to topic S-26 Formula prices in Victoria

Hi, I used to use S26 gold too until 2 GPs and a paediatrition told me that LCP's had no real benefit after about 4 Months of age and were just a marketing ploy because they know mothers(and father...

Thursday 15 January 04:28pm

tigress replied to topic At what age do you start babies on cheese and yougurt?

I just use plain yoghurt with pureed fruit, it's much cheaper!

Thursday 15 January 12:38pm

tigress replied to topic HOW LONG SHOULD MY BABY BE ON S26 AR FORMULA

Hi, my son had a reflux problem for many months, I tried the AR formula and found it made his wind hard to get up and he had trouble digesting the corn starch used to thicken the formula. As for co...

Thursday 15 January 12:28pm

tigress replied to topic Is it hard to stick with a routine or is it just us

Every time I get my 9 month old son into a routine, he changes it, just go with the flow. Also he goes through many growth spurts where he just wants to eat and eat which is when finger foods come ...

Thursday 15 January 12:14pm

tigress replied to topic WHEN DO BABIES START TO TEETHE ?

Hi,I used to think my baby was teething for the same reasons from about 6 weeks on but his first tooth didn't come through until he was 7 months, apparently their teeth move around a lot before the...

Thursday 15 January 12:03pm
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