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Rick replied to topic Recipe websites

when my daughter was a little younger (she's now 3) I was always after some different recipe ideas moreso because some of the meals that I made for my husband and I weren't appropriate for my daugh...

Tuesday 07 February 11:25am

Rick replied to topic When to try knickers??

My daughter is currently toilet training. She goes to childcare during the week and one thing that they do at childcare for kids who are toilet training is to encourage the parents to get the kids ...

Wednesday 19 October 01:26pm

Rick replied to topic Pneumococcal Vaccine

my daughter had it a few weeks ago, before she turned 2 and the next day she vomited after having her milk in the morning and the area on the arm where she had it was red and a little lumpy, but th...

Thursday 03 February 03:51pm

Rick replied to topic Pacifiers and Sleep

my daughter turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and the week before her birthday, we took her dummy away from her, she would use it for sleep mostly but would also have it whenever she wanted it during ...

Thursday 03 February 12:36pm

Rick started new topic bed rails

we have just this week put our daughter into a bed and is taking to it like a duck to water!! (she is 20mths) at the moment we have the end of her cot acting as a bed rail to stop her from falling ...

Tuesday 28 September 12:15pm

Rick replied to topic When should Bottles stop?

my daughter (17 mths) usually has 1 bottle a day for breakfast as she doesn't like eating much for breakfast or sometimes we will give her a second bottle for bedtime at night but more often these ...

Thursday 01 July 07:47am

Rick replied to topic Highchair to Boster Seat???

my daughter (16 months) refuses to sit in her high chair also and has for a little while now. She has her own little table and chairs and she willingly sits at her table to eat her meals now, somet...

Thursday 27 May 03:25pm

Rick replied to topic comments welcome

we wanted something different for our baby, it took us a while to decide on something but we came up with Bailey for either a boy or girl, it's not a very common name as yet and still has that diff...

Saturday 22 May 10:10am

Rick replied to topic kids videeos

my 16 month old daughter absolutely loves the Wiggles, B1 & B2 and Hi 5.

Thursday 20 May 03:27pm

Rick replied to topic going insane due to relatives/friends !

my mother in law and sister in law are very annoying at times. My father in law is great with my daughter, he plays with her and does all sorts of funny/crazy things with her like making funny nois...

Thursday 20 May 08:22am

Rick replied to topic When to start using a pillow

hi there, about a month ago we put a pillow in my daughters cot, she's now 16 months. It is not one of those very flat pillows, it is quite a puffy one that goes in cots and we put it under the fi...

Thursday 20 May 07:49am

Rick replied to topic Changing Nappies

my 16 month old daughter hates having her nappy changed. We have also tried bribing her with toys and the like, but she just screams every single time we change her nappy, it is just so frustrating...

Wednesday 19 May 10:33am

Rick replied to topic HELP! Daughter hates brushing teeth!!!

Hi there, I'm in the same boat, although my daughter is only going on 16 months, she puts the brush in her mouth and has a chew on it for a couple of seconds, but that is the extent of her teeth br...

Friday 14 May 11:44am

Rick replied to topic Nappy Rash

when you talk about cornflour as a treatment for nappy rash, do you put the flour on the rash area by itself or do you mix it with something? I hadn't heard of using cornflour until recently and s...

Saturday 08 May 08:37am

Rick replied to topic Stride to ride

I was considering buying one for my daughter, but I was swayed by a friend of mine who had one for her daughter and she didn't think it was worth all that money, so I settled for one of those plast...

Saturday 08 May 08:26am

Rick replied to topic Nappy Rash

my daughter still sometimes gets bad nappy rash where she is just so red that it hurts her when we change her bum so the doctor suggested we try a cream called Sigmacort which I got over the couter...

Friday 07 May 03:01pm

Rick replied to topic WHEN R THEY READY??

it sounds like a good idea using those terry toweling underpants. My daughter isn't ready yet for toilet training (she's 15 mths) but this is one thing that I will give a go.

Friday 07 May 11:26am

Rick started new topic cleaning teeth

Does anyone know when it is recommended that you can start using toothpaste with toddlers?

Saturday 01 May 12:04pm

Rick replied to topic What do you do for Mother's Day?

hi there, this will be my second mothers day this year (my daughter will be nearly 16 mths) and I think this time round it will be even more special because she is that little older than last year...

Saturday 24 April 09:58am

Rick replied to topic Anyone around 30?

hi there, you can add me to the list. I'm turning 30 this year with a 15 month old daughter.

Saturday 24 April 09:47am
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