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Kazi replied to topic Terrible 2's??????

Wonder where your kids get it from Kerrie - lol. ; )

Friday 12 December 10:20am

Kazi replied to topic How long until your uglies return??

Mine was about 3 months after, I fed DD till 15 months. They were never regular, both in timing and in light/heavyness. Rather frustrating, because before I could almost pin point the time of day e...

Thursday 11 December 09:07pm

Kazi replied to topic MOULDY BATH TOYS, CAN ANYONE HELP?

Personally I throw them out, they are pretty cheap to replace considering how long they last. I usually give them a regular clean in some very hot soapy water, with a big soak and scrub, but they ...

Thursday 11 December 09:03pm

Kazi replied to topic Starting to crawl....

A common way is that they will go on all fours and rock back and fourth from being on their tummy. They start just by pulling their knees up under their body, then eventually work out they can push...

Thursday 11 December 09:00pm

Kazi replied to topic My baby is bored

Its very normal - they often leap ahead mentally, but their bodies can't do what they want them to do - like crawl or walk. A good one I do is put them in a high chair and drag it around so they c...

Thursday 11 December 08:57pm

Kazi replied to topic breakfast

Any-thign they eat is such a taste explosion as their taste buds are so new and not damaged like ours - so don't feel like you have to shove lots of variety at them. I agree, the farex range of ba...

Thursday 11 December 08:52pm

Kazi replied to topic weaning

You may like to re-post in the breast/bottle section (if you haven't already) there are some great mums that will be able to find yoru post in there and help, I'm sure.

Thursday 11 December 08:51pm

Kazi replied to topic Cooking meat for babies

I've just introduced DS's first meat, chicken. I have done it a couple of ways - one is to put some nice chook breast in foil, then cook in the oven. Another is to cook some mince in a pan. Either...

Thursday 11 December 08:49pm

Kazi replied to topic any ideas???

You should be able to give him just about any-thing. He would probably love finger foods, so just avoid things where lots of chewing is involved. He could easily suck on a nice piece of chook breas...

Thursday 11 December 08:46pm

Kazi replied to topic 6 months and off his food...

It sounds very normal to me. They can chop and change so much through growth spurts, developmental leaps and good old teething. I would follow his lead and have a measure and weigh with the CHN eve...

Thursday 11 December 08:44pm

Kazi replied to topic Xmas Traditions for Toddlers

I'm finding with my 3.5 year old that its stil too much for her to grasp. I tried an advent calader this year, but she really isn't getting it. She loved putting the tree up and asks every day if...

Thursday 11 December 08:39pm

Kazi replied to topic Bitting

I hated the biting stage and dreading going through it again with DS. I learnt a good method from DD's kindy when she went through it about 18 months. Basically when they bite, you yell loudly and...

Thursday 11 December 08:37pm

Kazi replied to topic HELP!! Potty training is driving me up the wall!!

Keep persisting with the familiarisation, it can take a long time especially when they are younger. Its a hard concept to grasp, so the more proactive you are in makign them familiar, without being...

Thursday 11 December 08:29pm

Kazi replied to topic 4yr old how is still have only wee accidents

I've heard of a lot of boys, some much older having accidents. For the most part it seems they are too busy in play and ignour the signs, then its just too late. My suggestion is to be proactive ...

Thursday 11 December 08:26pm

Kazi replied to topic Is this a sign

Its a really good sign so keep up the familiarisation. Keep it light on and as fun as possible. Reward him for participating in the process, such as what you described - even if he doesn't do a wee...

Thursday 11 December 08:25pm

Kazi replied to topic Terrible 2's??????

Oh no, it certainly sounds like it. May the force, be with you - lol. : )

Thursday 11 December 08:21pm

Kazi replied to topic Advice please...

I haven't any suggestions for the medicine for teething other than talking to a naturapath or going into one of those natural remedy type stores and trying some of their products. Poor thing, we re...

Sunday 30 November 08:21am

Kazi replied to topic Temperature - 36.2 is this too low?

Hows bubs going? What thermometer do you use?

Sunday 30 November 08:17am

Kazi replied to topic Crawling

I agree, it is hard when you compare and of course, every-one tells you not to worry, but its perfectly normal to do so. If it helps any, this time around with DS I am not worried at all. Once DD ...

Sunday 30 November 08:16am

Kazi replied to topic sitting unsupported

Your bub sounds perfect to me! Its a good time from 6 months to start propping them up with pillows. You will be suprised what they will be able to do over the next 3 months, it really does seem li...

Sunday 30 November 08:13am
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