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NicJoy replied to topic Prior mental illness and pregnancy/childbirth

Hi. My heart goes out to you. I have had a severe mental illness for twenty years. Although I have been well and stable for a long time, was worried about having children, whether I could be a goo...

Thursday 22 May 11:50pm

NicJoy replied to topic How to manage family?

Your situation made me think of the song by Akimbo with the lyrics "I love you but if you treat me like s*** you can just f*** off". This may sound silly but why don't you try a prac...

Thursday 22 May 11:24pm

NicJoy replied to topic how do you cope being a single mum to a third child?

Good lord! It must be intimidating to think of handling three kids by yourself. I was really worried about looking after my son when my husband started working fly in - fly out but I am finding it ...

Thursday 22 May 11:16pm

NicJoy replied to topic Bilingual babies

I think that you are allowed the rare "bitch fit" at your mother-in-law and partner in such extenuating circumstances.

Thursday 22 May 11:07pm

NicJoy replied to topic Taking a baby to a chiropractor?

There have recently been some poor outcomes for young babies treated by chiropaths. There is information available about how there is no medical basis to chiropathic treatment, including the idea t...

Thursday 27 February 11:49pm

NicJoy replied to topic How you react to contractions directly relates to speed of labour?

I handled the contractions calmly and positively and still spent 13 hours in pain with no progression. I ended up having a Caesarian as the baby was in an awkward position. Sometimes stuff just hap...

Thursday 27 February 11:33pm

NicJoy replied to topic Question about anxiety/panic attacks?

I couldn't stop thinking about your post when I went to bed last night. I too suffer from anxiety as part of my mental illness. I am happily married, have a son aged 21 months and am 5 weeks p...

Thursday 27 February 11:21pm

NicJoy replied to topic Does anyone else feel that having children is isolating?????

Hi I can understand that motherhood can be isolating. Most women are used to interacting with a wide group of colleagues and others at work everyday and getting a lot of intellectual stimulation. I...

Wednesday 26 February 10:55pm
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