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NW_1 replied to topic Cradle Cap?

I used to brush my daughter scalp every day with the soft baby brush to prevent it and it worked a treat.

Wednesday 27 April 03:09pm

NW_1 replied to topic What do i give a 5 month old?

Sometimes when they are really unsettled it's best to give them pamol. Or you could try teething powder or spray from the health shop... Last resort just lots of things he can get his hands on...

Friday 29 January 01:20pm

NW_1 replied to topic Pre labour signs??

Everyone is different but it does sound like it could possibly be pre labour, however that can last a week - best to get checked.

Sunday 03 January 08:23pm

NW_1 replied to topic When did you know that you wanted another baby?

I am just pregnant with my second - we always had planned that my first and second would be about 2-3years apart. And I really miss being pregnant and having a newborn, so now my baby is growing up...

Saturday 02 January 10:37pm
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