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jess2 replied to topic What a horrible day!

How funny! Sorry Zoe i know you ahd a bad start but good on you for telling that lady where to go. I went to the shops too this morning and they are all crazy atm. Try not to stress too much and en...

Sunday 08 April 12:44pm

jess2 replied to topic young parents

I think it is a totally personal choice.... I never wanted to start a family till i was at least in my late 20's - i was too busy travelling and partying to even think about it , but take in mind ...

Sunday 08 April 08:35am

jess2 started new topic Tantrums and the dreaded MIL

Hi guys! DH and i just went to tea tonight with the inlaws and her brother and new girlfriend , and what a disaster - my son just thought it was the time to play up , wouldnt sit still , screamed t...

Saturday 07 April 10:05pm

jess2 started new topic Duromine

Sorry to start this topic AGAIN. I tried looking for the old thread.. I have been trying to lose weight for donkeys ages , and have tried many diets. I have heard alot of people have used this drug...

Monday 26 March 07:56am

jess2 started new topic Irons

Hi Ladies , i am just curious as to what iron you use. I currently use a sunbeam which was a wedding gift 4 years ago. Do they wear off? I seem to find that after ive ironed my hubbys work shirts -...

Sunday 25 March 03:13pm

jess2 replied to topic So hard........

Hi Stacey! Goodluck with it all - it will be hard but well worth it. My son stopped sleeping at 10 months and we had no idea what to do , we had heard alot abot cc , but wasnt ready to do it. Came ...

Saturday 24 March 09:36pm

jess2 started new topic Money! Argh!!!!

Hi Ladies! My DH and i are having some money issues atm. He doesnt like his job at all , and even though its pays so well he is thinking of leaving for another job where the work is more interestin...

Thursday 22 March 12:27pm

jess2 replied to topic Ngala

Hi! I also had a day stay at ngala when my son was 10 months old. I would reccomend it as it did the trick for my son , and to see what they did hands on was great , but i do understand where you a...

Saturday 17 March 10:45pm

jess2 replied to topic Finding lost friends

Sorry made a typo - need to know how i can find them. Sorry.

Saturday 17 March 06:07pm

jess2 started new topic Finding lost friends

Hi ! I was just looking through some old pics and came across some frinds who i would love to see again. Cant remember how we lost contact , but need to know how. I know there full names , but i di...

Saturday 17 March 06:06pm

jess2 started new topic Cost of kids!

Is this a factor for you on deciding how many you would like? I only have the 1 at the moment . I was just reading in the paper yesterday that the cost of sending children to school is on the incre...

Monday 29 January 01:44pm

jess2 started new topic Negative thoughts!

Hi ! Im just curious if any of you ladies have similar feelings to me. Since becoming a mummy a few years ago i am always thinking to the future and worrying about it. its ok now cause i am with my...

Thursday 18 January 03:09pm

jess2 started new topic Drifting Apart

Hi Ladies - I am having a dilema at the moment. I have been with my hubby for almost 7 years and we have a beautiful little boy , and trying for a second atm. My problem is im not sure if i am in l...

Friday 05 January 12:15am

jess2 started new topic Money Issues!

Hi girls hope you all had nice xmas's. We did for the first 2 days , then i went shopping to the sales and bought legitimate gifts for people for events coming up and DH just went off the rails at ...

Friday 29 December 04:34pm

jess2 started new topic Any Depression Sufferers?

Sorry to start the week off like this , but i have been a sufferer for many years off and on. I seem to be a bit more teary of late and just cant seem to snap out of it. I know what brings it on , ...

Tuesday 31 October 10:06am

jess2 started new topic Friendship Woes ( again )

Hi! I was just wondering how do you cope when you are let down by a friend/s? I feel that most of the time im the one doing all the ringing and organising stuff to do , and im slowely getting annoy...

Monday 02 October 03:34pm

jess2 replied to topic Jess2

Hi SAm , im still here , plodding along - been rather busy over easter and hubby has two weeks off , so catching up with all the friends etc. I have been really well and happy!!! Just had my weddin...

Saturday 22 April 12:07pm

jess2 replied to topic Pregnant again

Hi Ari , Im not in this exact situation , but a good friend of mine was. We all had our bubs Jan 2005 and she fell pregnant that march. She now has a 15 month old daughter and a 4 and a half old s...

Friday 21 April 06:48pm

jess2 started new topic newborn waking toddler

Hi mums , i was just curious when you had your second - third bub if they woke your other children up at night for feeds? I am planning on no 2 soon , and their bedrooms are right next to each othe...

Thursday 20 April 07:38am

jess2 started new topic newborns waking toddlers

Hi Mums! I was just curious of all of you who have two or more children , when you came home with bubs - where did they sleep and did they wake the other children up when they needed feeds? Im tryi...

Wednesday 19 April 07:59am
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