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newjobrole started new topic Toilet Training

I have a bb 23 months old and have begun toilet training in the last 2 weeks consistantly. I work full time and so am relying on my child care centre to follow through, with the foundations that we...

Friday 28 September 08:56pm

newjobrole replied to topic meat... how to cook and mince it

Hi Ashtonmum, My little boy is 4 1/2 months as has been slowly going onto solids for 1 month. When did you put yours up to 3 meals a day. My son is on 1030 and 1800hrs each day the rest are breast...

Sunday 19 March 03:11pm

newjobrole replied to topic Rice cereal Sensitivity

Hi Nic, My son began solids"early" as he was unsettled at night. I found him to be a little "colicky" at first. We have very slowly introduced different things and so far he has ti=olerated in thi...

Sunday 19 March 03:03pm

newjobrole replied to topic October 2005 anybody?

Hi there, Our lil boy arrived on 28-10-2205. His name is Jake. Itoo am a first time mum & the adjustment from full time work with massive hours to f/t mum with bigger hours has been... eventful to...

Saturday 11 March 01:40pm

newjobrole started new topic Esk Playgroup

Hi everyone out there in cyber space. I am in my late 20's and have a beautiful little 4 month old son. Our family have temporarily moved to the area for my husbands work commitments & I currently ...

Saturday 11 March 01:27pm

newjobrole replied to topic Looking for friends around Regents Park (Browns Plains), QLD

Hi there, I noticed your message and thought that you might like to know about a reasonable and enjoyable activity in your local area. Oz Swim at Browns Plains has Mums and Bubs aswell as other ch...

Saturday 11 March 01:21pm
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