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michellewr replied to topic 16 Month old bites!

Hi Wendy, I have a 17 month old boy and a 3 year old girl. I never had any biting problems with my little girl but my boy has started really getting into it. He seems to use it as a defense most...

Saturday 18 December 09:38am

michellewr started new topic Older mum in the redlands

Hi everyone, I am a 39 year old stay at home mother with two children. Katie is 3 and Sam is 18months old. Have been living in London for the past year or so and have just returned to live in Cl...

Friday 17 December 04:51pm

michellewr replied to topic is there any mums who has a premmie baby..

Hi there, I don't live near you, we live in Cleveland but I do have a premmie daughter who is now nearly 4 years old. So if you need any advice or information I am sure that I can help you. Kat...

Friday 17 December 04:40pm
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