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Boni_Luke replied to topic VBA2C

Hi Idpf1984, Good luck with your VBA2C! I am in the same boat as you as I have also never laboured so I will be doing it for the first time in Feb. I would love to hear how it all goes for you. Go...

Wednesday 17 October 04:56pm

Boni_Luke replied to topic VBA2C

Hi, Thank you. Congratulations on your HBA2C! I am in Victoria. I have also chosen to go with a private midwife and she is very supportive of my decision. I have booked into a hospital to have m...

Tuesday 18 September 04:11pm

Boni_Luke started new topic VBA2C

Hi there, Just wondering if any one has attempted/accomplished VBA2C. I am planning on having VBA2C in feb 2013 and it has been a real battle to find support. Would like to hear peoples stories and...

Monday 17 September 05:26pm
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