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nchampney replied to topic new to forum

Hi, i also have children very close together. My first was nearly two when his sister was born and we seemed to cope. Try to get out of the house if you can. Have you got a double pram. I found...

Thursday 15 January 11:25pm

nchampney replied to topic young mum loving motherhood

Hi my name is Ngari, and had my first child at 21. Even at 21 everyone considered me being a young mum and i wouldn't have it any other way. I have now two more children and am only 25 years old ...

Thursday 15 January 11:09pm

nchampney replied to topic Kindergym

Hi, you'll probably already have looked into this by now but i thought i'd write anyway. My kindergym and our area starts at age 2. Before i took mine to kindergym i just was taken them to Playgr...

Wednesday 10 December 11:14pm

nchampney replied to topic Nappy Rash

Hi, the one thing i have found with all 3 of my bubbas is Paw Paw ointment really works, you can get it at your chemist and most stores. My kids did get the odd occasional bout of nappy rash mostl...

Tuesday 09 December 02:36pm

nchampney replied to topic 2ND TIME MUM, 1ST TIME BREAST FEEDING??

With my first child i too had very sore nipples and i'm pretty sure it was because well - i hadn't done it before and the attatchment was not right. After a few months of persistance it paid off. ...

Sunday 07 December 12:33pm

nchampney started new topic looking for a chat

Hi my names ngari and i've just logged on. Looking to chat to anyone. I have 3 children 4, 2 and 5 mths. I live out on a farm so there is a bit of a limit to conversation with other adults in th...

Saturday 06 December 02:25pm

nchampney replied to topic Birth Stories

Well i have three children and with the first two my labours had to be induced at a week and a half over as they did not wan't to come out. They gave me the prostoglandin gel and that seemed to wo...

Saturday 06 December 12:14am

nchampney replied to topic New member looking to chat...

Hi my names i Ngari and i have also just logged on to this site. I have a 4 year old boy a 2 year old girl and a 5 month old girl. We live in cooroy near noosa in qld on a farm which is just so b...

Saturday 06 December 12:05am

nchampney started new topic I am new to this

Hi my names Ngari, i have a Boy 4, Girl 2 and baby girl who's 5 mths, we have just recently been in hospital with some sort of infection in the blood which gave her a very high white cell count and...

Saturday 06 December 12:00am

nchampney replied to topic I am scared of going into labour

Hi,i have just had my third child a few months ago and with my second two i was a bit scared but as i went through labour it went so smoothly and was easier than the first, and with the third it wa...

Friday 05 December 11:45pm

nchampney replied to topic fear of water

Hi, all i can think of is try and have fun with her in the bath. I have recently bought these bath bombs that change the colour of the water, they don't stain the bath and don't stain your kids ei...

Friday 05 December 11:40pm

nchampney replied to topic My boy won't roll!!

My little girl is now 5 mths old and is starting to move around a little but isn't rolling. Don't let your health nurse fill you with fear saying he needs to roll now. I have two others and with ...

Friday 05 December 11:33pm
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