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Amethyst replied to topic How much does your 12mth old weigh?

My 14month old weighs 11kg which is a little above the weight of what he should be, but then he eats the normal amount of any other child his age.

Friday 08 April 04:55pm

Amethyst replied to topic First words

My little man started coming out with 'Ma-Ma' at 6 months then followed by 'Ba-Ba' soon after. He is now 9 months & can say 'Mum', 'Baa' 'Da-Da', 'Naa' & 'Taa' - he is a real little chatter box.

Saturday 04 December 06:53pm

Amethyst replied to topic Lunar or Calendar months???

I also used to go by weeks but I switched to Calender months after I noticed how much confusion it was creating. I also find it easier going by months, as the 9th of every month, I know my baby b...

Saturday 04 December 06:50pm

Amethyst replied to topic How Many

My 9 month old son has 3 bottles a day each with a total of 210mls. He manages to have a whole bottle in the morning though the other 2 bottles he seems to leave around 50 - 90mls. I've now starte...

Saturday 04 December 06:45pm

Amethyst replied to topic when for solids?

Hi. I started feeding my son solids at 4 months as I was finding his bottle wasn't giving him the total satisfaction he was after. It's highly suggested that you start your baby on Rice Cereal t...

Thursday 25 November 11:45pm

Amethyst replied to topic Baby Yoghurts

I started giving my son 'Petit Miam Baby Yoghurt' when he was 7months old & he loved it. The price of 4 tubs is $3.70 where I live. I've only just started giving my son 'Nestle Bob The Builder Yog...

Saturday 20 November 10:38pm

Amethyst replied to topic Is it ok at 4 months

All babies are different, so there is never a correct time to start giving a child food. With my youngest son, he started having a teaspoon of rice cereal at 4months as I found the bottle wasn't e...

Saturday 20 November 10:30pm

Amethyst replied to topic Whats your 8 month old bub up too!!

Hi! After reading all the responses & enjoying what everyone had to boast about with their little one's development's, I just had to add what my little man is currently getting up to (or should I ...

Sunday 14 November 01:48am
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