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jennabean replied to topic toddler nearly 2- how to stop night bottle in bed

My very trusted G.P. has told many times over many thing (toilet training, speech, immunisations) to stop worrying about what others think and that when your child is ready to stop something they w...

Thursday 04 December 09:42pm

jennabean started new topic Toddlers and Seperations

Please can I get some advice re: what to tell my two and a half (nearly thirty) daughter about her father and i seperating? do i shield her and "baby" her along so to speak or do i tell her the tr...

Thursday 04 December 09:34pm

jennabean replied to topic spiritual babies, toddlers and children.

This story trully warmed my heart. Your daughter is an angel from heaven. My daughter is an angel is the truest sense of the word too. From the moment I saw her eyes i knew that she was an old so...

Thursday 04 December 09:25pm
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