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Lubear started new topic Sleeping w ith mommy

My 15mth old daughter is currently sleeping with me in my bed. She has been since she was 5 mths. I have problems getting her to sleep in her cot as she moves a lot and quite a lot of times have ...

Thursday 10 July 07:50pm

Lubear replied to topic Nappy Rash

ATTENTION: When my daughter was a mth old she developed heat rash around her neck, back of knees, arms... the doctor said she had and will have a skin condition for the rest of her life. I was pr...

Thursday 10 July 07:23pm

Lubear started new topic Late Walker

Hi, I am a a new mommy. Well have been for the last 15 months to a beautiful babygirl. She's very healthy and rather smart (obviously she has mommy's genes haha). I am a little concern though a...

Thursday 10 July 06:42pm
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