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Of course we are all grateful for our gifts but who got some really bad, not very well thought out gifts for themselves or kids?? My pet peeve is HUGE presents that take up too much space in my small house. Specifically told MIL not to buy anything big because I don't have space. She bought huge gifts. A boxing bag for DH which I have no idea where to put so it's in the garage and this massive rocking horse type thing for dd! I got mostly anything she could find on sale. I feel bad giving it away but I never know what to do with her gifts!! I have told her what I want before but she's never listened. Ok your turn!? What did you get that you have no idea what to do with?

I know this topic has been done to death, but I'm wondering what you all think is a reasonable "split" of household jobs? I'm working 3 shifts a week (including night duty) and hubby works about 50 hours a week. I'm finding that I'm absolutely exhausted from the pregnancy and from shift work and really feel hubby needs to lift his game with the housework. I've tried to casually mention it but I think I might need to take a more direct approach. At the moment - each night one of us will cook (most nights me) then after dinner DH will either do the bath/teeth/story/bed thing for DD or he will clean the kitchen, and I do whatever job he didn't do. After that, he retreats to his xbox or whatever and doesn't do any more housework. He pretty much never does washing or folding, never cleans the floors, never cleans the bathrooms, mows the the lawn about once a month (when I nag him to death about it). He will sometimes do a general tidy up of ...

Hi everyone! Hope your all well. I feel like some of the mothers in my mothers group are a little competitive and I think because of this I am holding back in speaking about the milestones that my baby have acheived, and instead I speak of the things that worry me. I think i do this because I dont want the other mums to feel competitive and jelous toward me. My lil one started standing up by herself at 9months and shes crawling, whereas the other babies are a bit over 12months and havnt started to crawl yet. I know that each baby is different and some crawl earlier or later, but it seems to be a competition to these mums. I want to be able to share my joys and not have to worry about what others think or behave toward me. Any suggestions? Has anyone gone through something similar with your family and friends?

Hi ladies, I'm finding it really hard to think about anything other than becoming pregnant. I am finding it hard to sleep and just enjoy the ride. I have always been an extremely impatient person. More than anything im nervous and so so scared that I wont be able to fall pregnant. How do you girls cope and not get so caught up and disappointed in it all? xxx

Hi everyone, My newborn will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. He has been doing this cluster feeding for about 3/4 hrs some days where he feeds on and off each boob in this time. It goes from about 4 till 8 pm I also top him up with expressed milk or some formula milk (as we r mix feeding for various reasons) Anyone got any tips on dealing with this? It seems like he is never full has anyone tried nipple shields? Will this help with flow? Many thanks and apologies if I have all ready asked this before. Also, how long does the cluster feeding last?

What factors mean you live in your chosen city/town/area? For DH and I we both came to university in Auckland and that's how we meet. Once we graduated we both looked for jobs in the city and so we've stayed.

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So my grocery bill is massive and my debt is massive (long story for that one). So to reduce my life stress and to get on top of my bills I really need to look at cutting my grocery bill. Do any of you actually survive on less than $200 a fortnight on groceries? If I could it would make a world of a difference to my budget and give my bills some priority for once. I spend easily $500 a week if not more. Time to stop being stupid with groceries and start getting smart. Can anyone help with this. I don't know where to start??

Question. Do you tell your partner what you buy whether for your kids or yourself? Do you sometimes hide it because you think he'll get annoyed. Some of my friends seem to hide ALOT, especially when it comes to clothes for their kids. Since being on maternity leave I feel like I have to justify what I but because I don't earn an income so I tell DH everything. He has told me to stop and just get whatever I feel appropriate for dd. He even told me to buy something for myself the other day because since dd was born I don't get myself anything. I've lost interest in shopping for myself.

Hi All, My DD is now 5 and a half months old, during my labour with her I had an episiotomy and then tore to a 3rd degree tear through to the back passage. )She was only 7lb 4). I have been struggling with my pelvic floor muscle recovery and have just started seeing a womens health physio (no one mentioned these even existed before now but thats another story). Today she did an internal examination and it would seem that along with my external tear DD tore the right side of my muscles completely apart and possibly from the bone altogether (hence explaining my prolonged recovery). Has anyone else had something similar occur? I have some exercises to do but I am quite scared that it will turn out the muscles have been torn from the bone and I am going to need surgery. Thanks