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My oldest son was born 28th March... The time has come to fill in the kinder forms... I'm wanting to defer him so he will start school 5 years old and turn 6 yrs old at the end of March. My husband wants to send him 4 years old, turning 5 yrs late march... What are your thoughts? Send him or defer for a year and wait till he is older?

Just wondering because it seems every one that finds out is soo shocked, surely I am not the only one! I had DD1 2009 at 18 DD2 2011 2 days before my 21st DD3 2012 at 22 Due in a month and will be 24. And still with same dad which weirdly shocks people, most of them expect that I must have had multiple partners over theyears. For me it is natural to have my kids at this age, but so many people think otherwis esp when i see others my age, I am so different. What was/is it like for you?

Hello lovely ladies Im only 20 weeks pregnant with my first little miracle right now and ALREADY I'm having family, friends and even some in-laws asking weather or not they're going to be welcome in the room for the actual birth. My initial reaction is a polite "Hell no!" as I really only want my Hubby, Mummy and best friend (shes a great calming person) in the room, but I am super interested as to who you guys had there with you Thaaaanks!!

I don't want to put the same thing in all the time. DS' lunchbox usually looks something like this: Sandwiches - usually peanut butter Crackers/popcorn Some kind of fruit - usually grapes now that strawberries aren't available A couple of slices of luncheon Cheese cubes I'm hoping to bake some 'cheesy vegetable' muffins today and if DS likes them will put one of them in. Does anyone have that zucchini slice recipe that everyone on here is always talking about? I'd quite like to give that a go too. I've tried putting a pottle of yogurt in, but it always comes back. Oh, and if anyone knows of any prepackaged stuff that isn't terrible for you that would be awesome. I'd like something super quick I can do for when the baby arrives and I'm too tired to do anything

Is there anyone who can assist me with my grocery bill? I currently spend $150 in pay week and about $50 in the off week. This is my maximum I can spend on food, nappies, toiletries. We have three adults, a one year old who isn't on formula and a cat. I'm really struggling to find variety, especially for lunch and snacks. I've done some googling on the topic but all the suggestions I find involve couponing which we obviously don't have. I have coles, woollies, iga, aldi and big w in my town. Does anyone have any advice? Please.

I've had problem after problem with breastfeeding, which I have received a huge amount of help and support with, both on here and from people in the community... It's not getting any better. I would say worse. I have constant pain. Baby can't latch properly. My baby won't settle virtually at all, he never really sleeps. I'm exhausted, stressed and very depressed. In the very brief periods where he does sleep I spend my life attached to a pump. When I do breast feed my little man cries randomly when sucking and also screams if I remove him to either re-latch or change sides. My question... When is it Ok to give up on breastfeeding? I feel so guilty and useless for not being able to get it right and so stressed at the idea of just giving up. I really do feel like a total failure. Any suggestions or advice?

This week at our coffee group I was giving DS a few raisins, and one of the other mums said that she had heard the other day that dried fruit was worse for children than chips (crisps). What do you think? I don't give them to DS all the time, they are just a handy snack that doesn't make too much mess, and I do think that although they do contain lots of fruit sugar, it surely is better than giving him something full of preservatives and flavorings I didn't really know what to say today. I was made to feel like a bad parent, as she went on to say that it rots there teeth etc. I think she was trying to be helpful, but.... Maybe I'm a bit sensitive at the moment!

Hello there! Thursday it's my little girl's 2nd Birthday and as it falls on one of her day care days, the teacher asked if I was bringing a cake to celebrate. I said I will - and I have been thinking which cake?!? I thought of something healthy-ish such as carrot cake with a nice cream cheese frosting. As soon as I mentioned that to my mother in law, she slammed it down (she is not really into healthy food) so it sort of discouraged me. But I really don't want to bring double chocolate mud cakes filled with cream and sugar!! Do you think that carrot cake is appropriate (trying not to use as much sugar, etc.)? Her class is only little and there are no allergies, which makes it easier. If you have any other suggestions/recipes, they are welcome - please keep in mind I am not a very good baker LOL. Thank you!!

After two kids and a total of 26mths of BFing I am officially mourning the lose of my once nice round full 14DD Breast (14E during BF). I miss my cleavage. I miss the way my tops used to sit. I miss how sexy I felt. Now they are just lifeless empty 14D that don't even rise to give me cleavage even with a nice push up bra. No far! I shed a tear, not ashamed of that. It was very hard trying on Bras the other day. I did not feel sexy. The only bra they fit nicely in were the full coverage T-shirt style. There, I had my whinge for the wk.

My 8 month old son has so many toys, size 1 clothes and books!! So for his 1st birthday I was thinking of doing a wishing well, but if people still wish to buy gifts I wont make a fuss.. Is it rude to do this for a first birthday??