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What is in your child's room? My 7 and 3 year olds share a room. They do not have toys in their room. They have one double bed that 3 year old sleeps in and single bed 7 year old sleeps in. Couple tall boys and beside cupboards. Tv and DVD player.

I'm pregnant with my first (in my 18th week) and am very interested in a water birth. I feel like it'll help me try and stay calm during labour and have read up on them. I'd love to hear from your personal experiences though!

On Friday my 3 1/2 yr old dd woke up with a high temp, cough and sniffles. By 7.30am she had a seizure. None of our dds have EVER had a seizure before, df was home watching the girls and he described it as her shaking uncontrollably, stiff body and arched back. I was at work and we don't have a family so we decided to wait until I got home to get her checked. (unless something else happened.) Anyway by the time I got home her temp was 38.8 so I rushed her to hospital. We sat in the waiting room for hour when she had another seizure. Again it was the shaking, arched back, screaming and stiff body. They found that she had Croup and maybe an upper respiratory infection. Observed her in the hospital for 5 hrs and then discharged her. We had been home for 30 mins when she had another seizure. Same as previous seizures but this time she frothing from the mouth and her temp was 36.7. We were admitted at the hospital this time. We have had no more seizures and hospital is convinced tha...

Hi, I'm now almost 30 weeks pregnant and my husband kicked me out of the house a few weeks ago and choose his Mother over his wife and baby. I live with my husband and his mother. My husband is a FIFO worker therefore I am left to care for his mother. In the country they originally come my MIL led quite a privileged lifestyle and had nanny's raise her children and people cook and clean for her so she is very lazy and doesn't believe she has to do anything for herself. As a result, since we have been married she considers me her carer. She is very capable but acts as though she is an invalid. Anyway I work full time, get home late and then I'm treated like dirt by her every night. She considers herself to be queen of the house and that's how my husband treats her. They are from the Middle East and she believes they I am beneath her because I am not the same religion and I should always do what her and my husband want. Basically I'm not allowed to have a...

hes absolutely reluctant to potty train at all, he can and does wee in the toulet if i ask him or usually TELL him to, however he prefers to wee and poo in the nappy, poos are small (20c piece amounts every couple of days)then once a week and sometimes PUSHING a fortnight a big poo that cleans him out, then we're back to square one. parachoc does work, regular water fruit and veg doesnt help at all im honestly at a loss! our major childrens hospital (PMH ) will be doing a appt for us soon - but due to the government it might be a while since their cutting spending.... i have a 2yr old son and its really knocked my confidence as a parent and currently being 29wks pregnant im very sad about it all, someone please give me some advice and or working methods. feel like such a crap mum tbh

Hi guys, I'm just wondering when people went on Maternity leave with their first child. I'm torn between stress/tiredness from work, and money. Has anyone got any advice or recommendations? When did you guys leave work? Thanks

Hi, I am about to have my second child, (waiting to go in to Labour, lol) With my first son, I ended up having an Epidural - much to the disgust of the midwife, However after being in such bad pain for hours on end, once the Epidural was in and kicking I was so happy, to be out of pain was amazing and I had my son and I don't regret it. I feel that a lot of people make you feel guilty for having one, and that you are lazy etc. I plan on having another epidural for my second labour, and want to hear from other mums who also don't feel bad for having one. I am so tired of feeling guilty or like a bad mother for being excited to have one, or having one before. The way I feel is that , after being pregnant for 9 months if I don't have to be in such pain, I can enjoy it, that's my right as a mother.

Hi (old member, long time since I posted) We've a bilingual baby - english and french. I am struggling a lot with it (we're in France visiting the inlaws, which doesn't help). At home, there is me speaking english to DS (21 months) and DH speaking french. Before we came to France DS spoke 80% english, and 20% french (we're currently overseas where spanish is the main language). But he understood everything in both languages. He just preferred to speak english. To me this was understandable as I was the one that spent the most amount of time with him, teaching him things etc. While DH adopted a very hands off approach. My MIL is a nightmare when it comes to the language. She refuses to acknowledge that DS speaks english. If she can't understand it, it must not be real words. So she has made it her mission to 1) convert every single english word to french [usually when he learns a word in one language he never says the other one, BUT he does *know* it] 2)...

Hey Ladies, I'm expecting my first baby and I'm currently 6 months pregnant. I have a complex history with Body Dysmorphia, from 13 years old into my late 20's I battled with bulimia and anorexia. I finally put the physical actions of my eating disorder to bed after years of counselling. I even became a Pin Up Model and subsequently, a Burlesque Performer. After 3 years working as a performer, I thought all my demons were gone. I had accepted myself and who I was, I was finally at peace. However, as my body grows and changes with my beautiful baby girl inside me. Those negative thoughts and demons have been unleashed, infiltrating my thoughts. My bust has grown from a ample 8FF to a 10H/12GG and I have jumped up 2 dress sizes. I'm carrying high so I literally feel like a ball To top it off my sister in law told me Tuesday, that I looked massive. That I was too big for what I should be at this stage of the pregnancy. Cut to three days of tears and my beautifu...

Hi all I'm from the uk. So trying to get my head around the sizing over here. The lady in baby factory today told me I should buy some prem clothing because the newborn/0-3 stuff is quite big. She said her baby was 9lbs something and the prem stuff fitted him for a few weeks. My past 2 children have been 8lbs give or take an oz. what do yu all reckon?