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Hi there, Shoot me with ideas on the essentials for a new born for my baby shower and types. I.e. baby bath How many onesies Breast pump etc etc If you have any good brands for each that would be recommended too and I am looking for places that sell them in NZ. Cheers, look forward to hearing your thoughts

Is it just me, or is anyone else kind of planning what makeup they (probably in vain, lol pun) are going to put on before setting off to the delivery room and hospital? I'm just thinking minimal, like a natural lipstain, bit of concealer, etc ...

I'm 9 weeks at the moment and I have a 5 year old DS. He doesn't know I'm pregnant yet as we're waiting until there's a low chance of miscarriage. Just wondering when/how others told their children their pregnant? I was thinking of waiting until after my NT scan at 12 weeks but now leaning towards waiting until 20 weeks just in case. What did you do?

hello, i was just wondering why anyone has chosen to either have one child or to have more than one? thanks in advance

Hi Fellow Friends, I am due in October and my GP has decided that I shouldn't be on Xanax anymore. I take 1.5mg a day. I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder. I am very concerned as I know I will not cope. She thinks because I gave up smoking and red bull etc I am some type of super mum and can give up Xanax as well. I found out yesterday and I didn't sleep all night. She said that my twins will have withdrawals. I am 20w + 4 days. Any help would be great

the clinic nurse helpful or not.

I ask this as I have a friend that does a full load every day and we just wouldn't have enough washing to do it that often! I do wash multiple loads on one day though so if you spread out our washing it probably would equate to every day. I just hate doing washing, hate it!!! So for me to do it less often and more of it is better. My friend couldn't think of anything worse, she said to fill a day up with washing would feel awful to her! I'm now wondering if she mixes towels and whites etc where I do all mine separate... My friend and I have such different values and nothing in common.... This is my 'routine'- Saturday - 1 load of clothes, 1 load of whites, 1 load of towels Tuesday or Wednesday - 1 load of clothes, 1 load of sheets, 1 load of towels Sometimes I have to sneak in the odd extra load of clothes if DS has gone through a couple sets of clothes in a day...but we all have enough clothes to wash twice a week. What do others do?! And do you ...

I was asked by a hairdresser on the weekend in a conversation about my kids "are they good kids?" Odd question really, how many of you would answer "no they aren't."

I'm trying to cut down on the sugar in my kiddies diets but am a little stuck in ideas. Winding if anyone has any easy recipes for sugar free or sugar alternative snack ideas that kids love ??? thanks

Hi I have recently been throught he process of becoming a foster carer in SA, last week I recieved the exciting news that I have been approved. Next week I get to meet my social worker appointed person that will be taking over from my trainer. looking to hear from any other foster mums that have experience or are going through the start. I have registered for Respite care ages 0-5 years. Thank you