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Hello I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can take used baby clothes and various baby items to give to families/single mums or dad that desperately need them? Everything is in great condition and I could sell it but would really like to help others if I can. Thanks Sarah

Ok, second post already haha! I've been doing a course in disability support and education assistance and we got onto the subject of when kids are participating in sports etc. that everyone nowadays should be a winner and get participation ribbons. I am against this and think people should have something to strive for and achieve goals, but was curious as to what other mums think about it?

My scan is in a week and I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask there. Can anyone help me please? X

For my four year old its swings. For my five year old its lego friends.

I have a 4week old & im about to throw in the towel breast feeding. I have gone from one extreme to another- had mastastis then not enough milk, Ive had blisters (still do) & cracked nipples & then got breast feeding thrush (which Id never even heard of) OMG the pain- feels like im being stabbed deep inside my boob/back each feed,now also got shooting pains in my elbow/arm. I have had cream from my midwife for a week & STILL in agony & not gone. My son has got drops even though hes not showing symptoms just to be safe- I googled & am doing everything I possibly can. Taking probiotics, washing my hands a million times a day, changing breast pads every single feed (which is alot) washing my nipples before & after feed with water & vinegar solution. I am now missing a chunk of nipple & I just cant see the light at the end of the tunnel... I REALLY want to breast feed my son any advice would just be so so appreciated, i feel like a failure, my husband...

Hi all, Has been ages since I've posted on here. With the same dramas as last Christmas I am wondering what everyone else does regarding having to see two families Christmas Day?

So with my baby being due in a bout a week and a half, naturally I'm getting a bit impatient and wondering if she'll come early, late, or on time. I'm hearing a lot of "first babies usually come late", but I'm just curious - how true is that statement? When did everyone's first baby come in relation to their due date? Would be interesting to hear!

Am I the only crazy mother whos ds has 30 jumpers and 20 pairs of pants ?! I could not do washing for almost a month and he would still have clothes to wear ! Im thinking it's time to do a cull or is this normal lol

Hi, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and am looking for some great ideas/recipes to make now that I can freeze to make things easier when bubs arrives and time is limited. Also I am keen to know what you store meals in, in the freezer and that you make them in? I bought some of those tin foil pans, but not completely sure if you can freeze them. So what do people freeze thier lasagnes, quiches, soups, stir fris etc etc in? Also when it comes to eating them do you just whip them in the oven to heat through? Thanks any ideas on record, freezer storage ideas as above etc, appreciated. Thanks

hello, I was just wondering what all you mummys do when your little one is still at home? apart from cleaning, shopping and general house stuff what else do you do?