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DH and i have decided the time is right for us to start for #2. But because my cycles are so messed up, and it took me a year the first time, we thought this time we would just see how it goes! I've been off the Depo for almost a month now. Had some weird crampings, and a little spotting (common for me on the jab) so am hoping that AF will be showing herself nextmonth and we can start! Hope i am not alone on this journey, and can talk with some lovely ladies Chels

We're really excited to invite you into the new Huggies forum. Come on in and make yourself at home. It's been a long road to get here. There has literally been months of work put into the new forum – planning, development, design, coding, testing and data manipulation. To get the old forum posts and other information into the new forum required hours of number-crunching, even on our fast servers. We moved: * over 2,500,000 posted replies, in * over 250,000 topic threads, from * hundreds of thousands of members Something old… Not only does the new forum look different, it also has a different set of features and functionality. Some features and functionality didn't make the cut when we planned the new forum. We're looking at this change as a fresh start and an opportunity to remove less used features. We are doing this to make things simpler, and hopefully more pleasant for everyone to use. The side benefit is that by focusing on the features that matter the most we can make th...

Hi All I was just wondering your opinions on Bath vs Shower. My bub is 10weeks old and I mainly shower him. Due to time restraints and being on tank water, I find it easier to have a shower with him. I occasionally give him baths and he dosent seem to mind either way. However alot of people have told me its bad for him. His ears will get infections, he wont like bodies of water as he grows, and he will struggle to learn to swim when he is older, are just some things I have been told. So I want to know if this is the case for anyone else. Or if anyone has had problems with Showers vs Baths. I dont want to harm my bub, but I prefer to shower him, so I would like to know other peoples experinces. Ta

Hi there Just after somw general advice/stories from anyone in a similar situation. Im a stay at home mum with a 27month old toddler boy and 14week old baby. I decided that maybe it was time for my toddler to go to daycare once or twice a week, mainly because of guilt thinking he wasnt getting enough stimulation from me at home and pressure from friends whos kids go to daycare. He went on Monday and absolutely hated it. He cried as soon as I left, actually screamed with his hands in his mouth and histerical. I called about 2hours after Id left and the teacher said he had had some morning tea a sleep but wasnt very happy and was struggling transitioning from one activity to the next. I knew he would hate that because at home, he obviously can play with whatever he likes for as long as he likes. He also absolutely freaked when they had to change his nappy (he isnt toilet trained yet) I went and picked him up around 3pm, so he had been there approx 6hrs and he was playing in the out...

Hi, Can anyone confirm whether using Proactive Acne solution is safe to use while pregnant? I have only been using Proactive for just over 1 month and my skin is clear now - no need to wear makeup everyday. But, I have also just found out I am pregnant and don't want to use it if it is harmful to my baby. I had TERRIBLE acne during my first pregnancy and I am hoping to not have the same problem this time around. Has anyone checked this out with their Dr and/or used Proactive during their pregnancy?