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"Mothers Group" in the Penrith/Cranebrook western suburbs area!! Lock Rss

Hi to all mums out there, with kids at home or at school. I have a mothers group on friday's at 11am. We rotate houses every week, and sometimes go to parks if its a lovely day. We all bring food contributions for everyone to share. and we do allow alcohole. The host supplies the tea, coffee, water. and some juices.

My e-mail is

We are coming up to christmas party for the mothers group, Your very welcome to join us. just let us know.

another contact names are Kristy: or


or Meghann:

This week on friday 5/11/2004 we are getting together at the Regatta Centre at 11am or if its raining, might be at my house. Sue. Just e-mail me for details.

Sue. I hope to see or hear from you soon.
Hi Sue this is Jodie (Joweee) and Jayden. Sorry we did not come /call today but because of the crappy weather I did not think it would be on, then I remembered you said it would be at your house Der to me!!! Anyway the grandparents got a sneak peek at Jay today at least.
As I have said previously PLEASE keep me posted on your groups where and when abouts we'd like to try thrm out but can't always make it due to grandparent time or whatever!!!
Cheers hope you had fun. Have a good w/e
Jodie and Jayden
Ps please keep trying my email address I know it doesnot always work but please try. I rang Optus but they were absolutely no help. Typical,if not please leave message on this site Thanks
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