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young mum looking for penfriends! Lock Rss

hi im bianca 18 and mum to tahlia born 17th december 2004 would love to chat to other mums my addy is [email protected]

Bianca,Vic,Tahlz born 17/12/04,Olivia born 4/1/07

Hi kerry!
I am also a young mum at 19 i have a daughter Alyssa who is 10 weeks and finding it a bit hard to find friends who also have young children. my email address is [email protected]
love to hear from you

alyssa 28.2 taylah 2.11 lachlan 11.9

hi im 20 with 22 month old boy and 5 months pregnant would love to hear back from you my name is mandy
HI everybody, my name is Melanie (as well, haha), from Brisbane, I've just turned 22 and I've got a 10mthold little girl Sarah. I do know what you're going through as I live very isolated (no car, no public transport) and left all my family and friends overseas when I came here a year ago. I do have a partner, but most of the time I'm alone at home, and it can be very hard and ego-crashing. If anybody would like to chat here's my email: [email protected] Would love to here from you smile

Qld, two girls

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