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E-Mail, Messenger, Just to chat!!!!! Lock Rss

My name is Rebecca,i am from Bendigo, however visit Melbourne regularly to visit the inlaws,
I am new to doing anything like this. What a great opportunity to meet other mothers and discuss the wonder that i call William.
Would love to talk to people from country victoria, but of course will talk to one and all......


Mum to William (3) and baby No. 2 due late January


My name is Bridget and I am from Albury Wodonga, I have a 14 mth old daughter and I work 4 days per week full time (my partner works full time also), I do not get a lot of time other than work out of the house and would love to write and share experences, and stories.

If you are interested please email me


Bridget, NSW, 14mth baby

Hi There,
My name is Tanya and I am 33 in Townsville. I have a 14mth old son called Lachlan and would love to meet new people to chat to and get to know.
feel free if you want to email me at and have msn on the same address look forward to hearing from you to find out what life is like for you guys
hi their i live near bendigo about 45 min away.
Im 23 with 3 kids
4 yo son 15mths old girl
and a 3 wks old premie baby boy
my msn addy if u like to chat is
Hi I love talking on forms all day wink

Mum to 5 boys
and 1 Girl
Living in WA
Hi Rebecca,

My name is Katrina and I'm from Ballarat. I have Olivia who is 3.5 yr old and Jaxon 14 weeks old
Hope to hear from you soon.
email address :


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