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Hey Jess,
Havent heard from you in a while....How are you going? I was a little worried about you.
Hope to chat soon
bye bye bye

2 little angels,17 months and one on the inside

Hi SAm , im still here , plodding along - been rather busy over easter and hubby has two weeks off , so catching up with all the friends etc. I have been really well and happy!!! Just had my wedding anniversary on tue and spent the night away without conor - it was really nice.. So how r u? Ive been coming on everyday and have seen your name in a few posts. Hey do you know who these ladies are talking about the ones that are causing all hte trouble? I was just curious thats all..Seems like alot of mums just like to cause trouble , which is a shame. Hey r u going to find out the sex of your baby? We have decided to start trying but i dont want it to happen for awhile. Take care jess xxx
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