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wanting to contact bubs_and_us Lock Rss

hi my name is catherine, I read your post to thtte midwife about bad chest pain you were getting while pregnate, I to had the samee thing know one could tell me what was causing it, bub was born 10 weeks ago I thought it had gone away as I thought it was him pushing up on my stomach but Saturday night it came back quitw bad I started to feel clammy hard to breath it was real painful, but went away 30 mins later,
Did you ever find out what it was did yours come back? this was my third baby I didnt have it with the others.
please let me know.

it may be galstones i had them a few weeks after my 3rd baby they so painfull what ever you do it dont help do you find it its up between your boobs ?

mum to 3

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