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Hi Jess,
Great to hear from you! I was born in Adelaide hospital and lived a few years in Woodvale, then my family owned a hotel called the Hoyleton many years ago!!.
Kaitlin is 11months old now, so just planning her 1st birthday, its going to be a blast!!
Yes Kaitlin was a angel!! her first sleepthrough was 6weeks then didnt sleep through again until 12 weeks, but i only got up 1 or 2 times during the night so it wasnt so bad! Kaitlin has 7teeth!! and boy do they hurt! She is now figuring out that she can bite!! ouch. I just love the name Zane! if we had a boy that was on my list of names but thankfully we had a girl.
Hey my e-mail is; soif ever you want to chat send me a line. I also have msn messenger so send me an e-mail address and i can add you to my list.
Good luck with the teeth,heaps of bonjela!!
Hope to hear from you soon.

kasey, W.A first timemum

Hello Everyone, I'm new too.
Just joined up today.
My name is Wendy i'm 48yrs old and I live in the North Island of New Zealand (think I maybe the only kiwi here, lol).
I have been a single Mum for 25yrs to 2 adult sons aged 27yrs and 23yrs *forever*.
Now I am a single Nana to 2 beautiful grandchildren, Ashleigh 2yrs and Daniel 1yr (whom I am raising).
So I can say... been there, doing it again, lol
If anyone wants to e-mail/msn me my addy is

Nanapippi, NZ, 6yr, 5yr and nearly here grandchild

Hi sorry I thought that all my messages go to my email address so I will give you

Email me any time..................

I know what you mean by coping its very difficult and Ive found it easier than I thought I would having Alex and maja so close together, Im actually amazed that Ive coped as well as I have but you do it all somehow. I worked with Alex up to 6 weeks before he was born (valentines day 2001), I was the centre manager of a shopping centre. I took maternity leave but didnt go back opened my own business of Computer Training and that goes alright, I would have hoped it would go better but who has time anyway, it brings in a bit of money anyway. I have 3 kids Jesse who is 13 years old, Alexandar who is 2 and 7 months and Maja who is 5 months (tomorrow) she is the apple of my eye having two boys and then her was FABULOUS...........

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