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I'm 30+ looking for E-mail friends Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for someone who wishes to make new friends, to communicate reqularly via email. To talk about anything in general.

Married. And a Mother to 4 great kid's.

My email is: [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon smile

Hi Michelle, my name is Safaa. I've just turned 33 yrs YOUNG! smile
Im married with one daughter named Ayah and she's 15 mths old. I work fulltime and have a second job (my home) smile I live in Sth Western Sydney. I can be contacted via email on: [email protected] or 0414633894 at anytime.

What about you? Do you live in Sydney too? What are your details? Feel free to contact me to have a chat. Hope to hear frm you soon.
Hi Safaa,

Thank's for your reply. I will e-mail you soon.

Cheers smile
Hi Michelle,

How are you?? My name is Karen and I am 30 years old. I have a 17 month old son, named Nicholas and am married.

If you would like to be email pals then that would be great. My email addy is
[email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon

Karen, Vic, Nicholas 26/10/02

Hi Kazz,

Nice to hear from you? And have just sent you
an e-mail.

Hope to hear from you again soon smile


I am 31 years YOUNG, live in Liverpool area. Married with 1 son - 1 year old.

Anytime you want to chat email me at: [email protected]

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Michelle,

I am 33, married & mother to 3.5 yr Georgia & 1yr Nicholas. I have taken your e-mail details & will e-mail soon. I am only new to this website, so it would be good to talk to someone & share our ideas.


Michelle - Mum to 2

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