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new here... Lock Rss

i'm new to this site and thought i'd check it out. i have a 6 1/2 year old daughter, a 2 year old son and a 7 month old son. i'm married and am a stay at home mum, which i love.... hope to post more often smilesmile

mum (29) to girl 1996, boy 2001 & boy 2002

Hi I'm new here too! I have 3 children also, all boys! Ages 7, 5years, and 7 months. I am a full time mum and LOVING it! Especially now since my older two are at school. Spending time with our baby is just delighful and its like having No.1 all over again!

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

I'm a newy too smile I'm 23yo and married to my wonderful husband Bren. I'm a first time mum to 9wk old lil girl, Jess and she's beautiful, I hope I can get heaps of tips from here on what to do!!
Hi, my name is Linda and I am looking for some new friends.

I am 30 with 5 kids and would love to email with you

you can contact me on [email protected]
My name is michelle and i have 2 daughters aged 3 and almost 5 and am 5 and a half months pregnant with our third. I am 24 and live on the gold coast... (queensland, australia) I have been married for 5 years and am a stay at home mum.

If interested in chatting my email addy is.... [email protected]

hope to hear from you soon
Welcome tasysam! I'm new to this site also! I'm 31 years old,married for 6 years with a 17 month old daughter.I am working 2 days a week at a Long Day Care Centre,my daughter comes with me!Would love to chat!Message me soon!

Mum to two gorgeous girls!

I'm new also as of tonight. Hello to everyone on here.
I have a 1 year old, a 2.5 year old and a 4.5 year old all of them are girls. We may try for a boy in the future but at the moment we are happy having our little princesses.
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