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From Palmerston North Lock Rss

Hi, I am going to be a 21 year old first time mum. I am due in July, and it's a very exciting time for both me and my husband. We got married in October 2003, and I got pregnant straight away which is a huge blessing.
I love children and would like to get to know other young mums around my age. I am christian so would help if you were too so we can share different things in bringing up children the christian way.
E-mail soon!!

Mummy to 1, number 2 due in Feb 2006

i'm form palmy too and have a 6month old girl emily who is the best thing in my life!! im single, and just love having her around, which im sure you will find out soon!!! its a big shock to the system at first, and there are still people out there who look at me as though im too young to have her but i know im not! i think it is the best age to have one!! im also 21
would love to get in contact with ya at some stage, let me know your email addy and we can work something out.

Mummy to 1, number 2 due in Feb 2006

Hello how is it going. I am a mother of a two year old son and am preganat with number two, baby is due end of august. I have lived in palmerston north for 4 months as my partner got picked for the national league soccer team down here. We have been together for 4 1/2 years and are engaged to be married. I am finding it hard as i dont know anyone and it is extra hard have a very active 2 year old. If yo lwould like ti chat more that would be great even meet up for coffee sometime. Ou can emaile on [email protected]
hope to hear from you soon.

renee, nz pary nth, 2yr old, pregant with #2


im 18, due in July also !!
Congratulations on the pregnancy and engagement too.

Im from Palmy, not been here too long but if youd like coffee that would be nice smile I dont know any to be mums here and i dont wanna get too lonely lol smile

hey im 19 with a 5 month old boy, dont know many young mums round here so its good to know its not just me
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