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Coffee Groups - Howick/Pakuranga area Lock Rss

Just to let everyone know that if you are interested in joining a coffee group in the Howick/Pakuranga/Botany etc.area then Plunket arrange these for people with children under 5 yrs. Sometimes there may be a wait for a group with similar aged children, as most coffee groups are started where everyone is new to the group. If intersted or require more information email:
Just to let everyone know :- Plunket are going to start running their own coffee/playgroup @ Anchorage Park, 16 Swan Street, Pakuranga for caregivers in the Howick/Pakuranga/Botany etc. areas. These will commence on Friday the 5th November and will be fortnightly, 9.30-11.30am. The facilities are wonderful as it has safe indoor/outdoor play areas for the children and a relaxed atmosphere for adults. Plunket will still arrange independent coffee groups for those who wish to join smaller groups of similar aged children. If interested or require more information email:
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