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New on the block! Lock Rss

Hi ! This is my second day using the forum exchange and so far I have found some great ideas!!! My name is Sarah-Jane and I have a 10 month old daughter Bella who is just beautiful.. I would love to chat with anyone who wants to make contact....
Catch you all on the forum board!!smile

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Welcome Sara-Jane,

I think its great just to get an idea from other mums and some different ideas.

Happy mummying!!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi !
I find it reassuring to be able to log on with a concern and find other Mums have been through it or have some new ideas and advice. It helps to ease my mind and is an alternative to flipping through the baby books!
HI Tepe
Thanks for the reply! I am throughly enjoying being a mum and love chatting with other mothers about their babies - it is reassuring and helpful.
2 under 2!! You certainly have been busy! I thought one 10 months old was a handful...
How do you have time for general life stuff? As it is I don't sit down much before 10pm...
Keep up the good work
Chat soon

Sarah-Jane, Tas

I am glad you dropped a messgae my way. I am keen to know how your little darling is going with the drinking issus. I can so sympathise with you. As I said in the forum I sent to you my daughter is still struggling with it after 10 months. I lost many nights sleep stressing about it and cried many tears worrying when I returned to work. If anyone tells you they will drink if they are thirsty it is a lie... Bella just holds on till I get there no matter how long. The drinking from a straw has made life easier but not a great deal. what fluid are you trying to give her? I tried expressing breast milk but she knew that was suppose to come from boobies and not out of a hard conatiner. Formula was no good either! She did have water for quite a while and strangely enough she liked watered down prune juice!! Just this week I have tried a little cows milk and she is loving that so maybe I could have a break through there.. I hope you have some success too as it can become very frustrating. I know when number 2 comes along I will have a bottle in her mouth on day 2!! The other frustration is that feeding has become my sole responsibility and as you said previously it means going out anywhere without your baby is near impossible. Things are getting easier now with her age and that is making me feel a little happier to leave her and head out, but still not for long periods of time. I am trying to wean now as i have pretty much had Bella full on attached to the breast for 10 months and I think now is the time to take a break. I will continue to feed her morning and night but no day feeds. How old is your little treasure?
Would like to chat with you again soon.
Can also be contacted on home email
[email protected]

Sarah-Jane, Tas

My name is Scott and my wife and I have 3 children. Tyler aged 3, Zac aged 2, and Cahlia just 6 months old. I know it might feel weird talking to a dad, but I would really like to talk to a few experienced Mums about raising my little treasures. My wife works at the moment so I am at home with the kids and I am currently studying a small business management course at Tafe aswell. I have just shifted to Launceston and I am looking for some social contacts for the kids. Write to me and let me know your thoughts.

P.S. I read about the drinking problems and I can understand completely. Our second child Zac took ages to get off the milk and even now he drinks probably 8 - 10 glasses of water or milk each day. He is not diabetic or anything and the doctors have informed me that it is normal for some kids to drink heaps, and for some babies to stay on the boob for up to a year or even longer. My sympathy goes out to you..

Bye for now

3 kids under 3

Hi Scott!
How weird...another Tasmanian replying to my message.. I live in Burnie and Bella is now 14 months old and her drinking problems are a thing of the past! We have moved forward and after 12 1/2 months of breastfeeding I am very glad - although you can not sympathise trust me - boobies and teeth do not mix!
You certainly have your hands full with your tribe! I am not planning on having another child for atleast 12 months and even then I am wondering how I will handle two! Any tips? We are building a new home so no plans to extend the family until I have enough room - we are renting a unit on the beach front and that is beautiful but I am desperate for Bella to have a backyard and more space.....
I reguarly catch up with my parent group and I can understand why you want outside contacts - i love chatting with other mums and getting out of the house. Bella loves going for plays with the other kids.
I am a school teacher and work part time so I am enjoying holidays at the moment. Drop me a line back.. I'd be only too happy to chat with you and Hayley seeing as you are in the same state that makes it even better.
Happy Parenting - catch you soon

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Hi SJ,
I won't lie to you, three kids is definately a handfull. It seemed like we only had a month off between baby feeds and nappies. Luckily the oldest is out of nappies and I would deffinately recommend that you time it that way. Two children in nappies at the same time can be very awkward. Both of the boys feed themselves so that is a huge help, although the little one has trouble at times. Our darling daughter Cahlia is the apple of our eyes but she is learning very quickly how to play her mum. Hayley dotes over her, I can't blame her though as she is very beautifull. But then most parents think that about their children. All three of the kids are very smart and well on their way to being perfect little angels. What age did your little girl start walking? Cahlia is only 6 months and is trying to walk already, this seems a little early to me. She isn't trying to crawl, just walk. She does full push ups, just like an adult, its amazing to watch. I bet Bela loves the beach and I bet you love teaching also. Teachers always make great parents as they are always in contact with children. This gives them a somewhat unlimited amount of patience. Drop me a line and tell me how things are going.

Ta Ta for now.

3 kids under 3

Hi everyone,

Sorry i missed your reply AGES ago SJ...

As mentioned in the above post, 2 in nappies is hard work, and my 2 and a half year old is still a pain feeding herself. It really is easier if i do it, i know this is the wrong attitude, but it suits me.

As for 3, i take my hat off to you, Scottles,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

HI Scottles!!
Glad to see that those little cherubs are keeping you busy! Bella started walking at 6mths. She would hold onto our hands and walk everywhere!! We ended up buying her a walking trolley and she would hoon around for ages toddling along behind it.... She did this until 10mths and then decided she might start crawling so she could get around on her own.... She walked by herself at 11 1/2 months.
She has continued to improve and now is basically running wherever she needs to go - it does make life a little easier when they can toddle around, especially at the beach and park. Although living in Launceston I am not sure you would see the beach that often!! After 4 years of uni up there I am glad to see lovely blue water everyday.
I am not sure about teachers making good parents! I think we have very high expectations and quite often our patience is not quite as relaxed as maybe it is at work!! Although judging from the bookworm that I have created you can tell I am keen for Bella to develop a love of books - it seems to have worked as we spend many hours a day sitting by the book box - actually bella has just taken to sitting in the box!
Keep Well
Chat Soon

Sarah-Jane, Tas

HI Tepe...
We having just started the self feeding with a spoon and what a mess! It takes a great deal of time but Bella seems to enjoy tea a lot more!! I think it is the mess that gets her in....any excuse....
When did you start toilet training? Bella is 15mths old and I'm not sure when I am suppose to start the process??

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Hi again,

Yes, my daughter is the same, there is more interest in mixing it with her fingers than eating!

Ah toilet training, not quite there yet. We have had several successful attempts, but she is too busy most of the time. To be honest she can't be bothered to stop her playing to go. The problem now is, she ripps off her nappy, when she has been put to bed! Very messy. We'll get there though when she is good and ready. If Bella seems interested now you could start showing her what it is all about. Buy her a potty, and show her the picture on it of a baby using it. She could even sit on it now with her nappy on.

Good luck,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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