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Hi everyone,
My name is Amy I have a 3 year old and am due to have my second on the 3rd january 2006. would love to talk to other young mums

Amy - Holly 05.11.02 (Baby #2 edd 01.01.06!)

hi Amy,
Im Rachelle and i live in Canberra i am dueto have my first baby on the 9th of june 2006. So if you would like to speak to me or maybe even catch up some time soon plz reply back to this A.S.A.P.

Rachelle, act, 3 very cute girls !

It sounds like she is gaining weight well.

I'm not doing a whole lot this weekend. I have already been out in the yard trying to get it a bit tidier, it's really overgrown now. So I might have to get out there again tomorrow.
hi, you are lucky that your husband cooks dinner. Mine rarely ever does that sort of thing, however he will play with the kids sometimes if I am feeling a bit swamped so I can catch up with all those kind of things (cooking, cleaning, all that kind of stuff)

Hubby doesn't work in public service, he does work for gov dept. but not as a public servant, for a private company and the company pays him. His business is in computing,
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