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Mums in my area aberfoyle park

Hi, i have a 7 month old and am new to aberfoyle park, looking for some friends in the area with ...

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you free sometime next week?


Feeling bored but mainly alone

Has anyone ever had that feeling after someone you love and are used to having around the house 2...

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thanks guys for your comments. it's hard not having anyone home and nothing to do :/ but i'm trying to stay positive for b...


Lyell mac hospital - who has given birth there?

Hi we are thinking of TTC#3 and now we are in the salisbury area, i was just wondering who has gi...

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Unfortunately i did not have such a positive experience at LMHS when i had an emergency c section there in 2010. I was unlucky to ha...


Mothers Group in Mawson Lakes

Could someone please tell me if there is any mothers group in Mawson Lakes Area ? I am expecting ...

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There are 2 playgroups in Mawson Lakes - one has a fee & one is a toddlers group. I was also looking for something more casual!


Adelaide Gyms. Northern burbs.

Anyone have experience with any? Looking for one with a creche, staff that DDs will love and that...

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Hi not sure how far North you are looking but could strongly recommend both "The Lodge" Salisbury East as well as "Go...


Mother's Group

Hi everyone, im looking to join a mother's group in mount gambier, im 24 and i have a 2 year...

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Can anyone recommend a good ballet school?

Hi I'm looking for great ballet schools in SA. I've been having a look on websites but ...

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Hi ladies Me and my wonderful partner are going threw Ivf at the moment and I would really love t...

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Ladies due in May who live in Adelaide south

Hey, My wife and I stay in Adelaide (south) and my son was born in October 2012. I'm sure my w...

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Tori-93 - yep, first baby! brand new at


Twin Playgroup - Happy Valley

Hi guys, Just wanting to let people know we have a twin playgroup every Wednesday morning at Hap...

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Hospital bag what to bring to flinders??

Hiya I'm 35 weeks 4 days with my first ive got a few things packed, Anyone that's had a baby at...

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I brought a massive bag to the hospital and didn't need much of it. Essentials in my opinion are: Maternity Pads Nanna knickers (t...


Any Renmark mums out there??

Hi, I am 28 yrs old with 2 girls aged 5 and 10 wks. Looking for other mums in Renmark. Contact me...

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I'm a barmera mummy


Starting Family Day Care

Hi Someone suggested to me the possibility of starting /running my own family daycare instead of ...

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NT Peeps?

I notice this section is very SA heavy, but are there any pregnant NT people out there?

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Hello!! I'm not pregnant anymore, but my family and I are relocating to Darwin in a few weeks. Are there many people here based ...


Help! Mims group? How do I get out? I'm going crazy!

Hi everyone, I'm a first time mum to a very happy little boy. He is almost 3 months. I have come ...

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I'm in Seaford south Adelaide and in similar boat. I'm 32 but young at heart . I have a FB group just started to called 'south Adela...


38 weeks pregnant not sure if in pre labour.

This is my second pregnancy but i was induced at 41 weeks with my first so i dont really have any...

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Have you seen our Week by Week Pregnancy Guide? It gives you detailed information for what to expect when you are 38 weeks pregnant...


I'm looking for a playgroup or friend in Adelaide Northern Suburbs near Salisbury Heights or Greenwith area

Hi there, I have a 6 month old baby girl and am looking for a playgroup or friend in Adelaide Nor...

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Hi Debbie, I'm in a similar situation! I'm Kathy, 34, stay at home mum of 13mth girl, happily married non-smoker and pretty normal (...

Mum of 1 TTC #2

Overweight and Anxious mum in Adelaide Hills

Hi there - I'd be interested to meet other mums in the Adelaide Hills who suffer from depression/...

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Hi Candicelousielambe - I've sent you a request to 'follow' me (whatever that means!), but you need to accept it before I can send a...


Good family suburbs Darwin / Palmerston

Hi! I have 3 dds and want to know nice suburbs in Darwin to raise them...any comments on good pr...

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If you want to pm me, I can give you some info.


Photographers Adelaide/Adelaide Hills?

Does anyone know any professional photographers in the Adelaide/Adelaide Hills area that take bea...

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<a href="> is a new social <a href=" sharing</a> website that allows members to use their voice to recreate and store...


New Mum in SA

Hello all, My name is Leanne and my first child Callum is 7 weeks old. I live near Mawson Lake...

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Is Mothers Group in Mawson Lakes still on second mondays ? If so - anyone knows what time ? Thanks


Wanting to start up in Adelaide; Parents' group/Casual mates

G'day, I am a nineteen year old new mother of Coralene (born 15th Sept) living in the Marion area...

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young married couple ttc in Glenelg area SA

Hi All, Hubby and I have been ttc our first for a year and are looking for other couples in the...

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Hi Duckie It is awful, and even worse having to keep it all in. That's exciting that you have your wedding to plan hopefully tha...

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mt gambier mums

i was wondering if there was anyone in here from mount gambier. i was looking to meet some new pe...

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Hey Girls, I am also looking to join a mothers group & to make new friends who are also mums, I am 22 & have a 8 month old daughter.


mount gambier mums?

Hey there, I am also a Mount Gambier mum looking to make other friends who are mums, i am 22 & ...

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Calling All Young Mums!

Hi everyone! I'm Joanne (19yo) and have a son, Daniel 6mths. We're looking for young mums to befr...

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Student midwife in Adelaide looking for expecting mummies:)

Hello ladies, My name is Sarah and I am a first year midwifery student from Unisa. I am currentl...

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Playgroups/ KindyGym

Hi everyone does anyone know of any Playgroups/ KindyGyms around blakeview or craigmore SA ive c...

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Most preschools hold a playgroup or even the local community centre. I go to one held at a local Church so maybe even try there. He...


mothers groups

Hi - are there any mothers groups in the Adelaide area (North / East suburbs). I am looking to j...

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Thank u, i'll check out the site and see what information I can find


Post natal fitness /exercise /groups /classes Adelaide northern suburbs

Hi Im wondering if anyone knows of or can recommend some post natal fitness classes or groups of ...

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Any mums in the northern suburbs?

Hi! my name is Tash and am 25 years old. I have a little boy who is 7 weeks old. It can get pret...

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Im in Brahma lodge...... 6 week old bubba


mummy group?

I was a part of a "mummies group' on facebook during my pregnancy and I found it so wonderful and...

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We're moving to Adelaide

So Hubbies transfer was approved and we are moving to Adelaide in 6 weeks time! We are leaving Sy...

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Awesome, thank u very much everyone


Baby #6

Hi all, im new to this site. I am about 10 and 1/2 weeks pregnant with baby number six and trying...

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Hey guys I'm 37 years old and have 5 beautiful children, I would really love to connect with other families that are in the same boa...


Mums in South Australia?

Just wondering whos near, I am 27 with 3 kids and 1 on the way

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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I live in Port Augusta SA and have two very gorgeous daughters =)


VBAC Friendly Obstetrician

Hi, I am from south of Adelaide and am looking for a VBAC friendly obstetrician (preferably at Fl...

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SA Pregnant ladies

Hello everyone I am currently a 1st year Midwifery student at UniSA, as part of our program we ...

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Just bumping this post If anyone wouldnt mind having a student midwife follow their pregnancy then please let me know . I am looki...


Mums less than 32 weeks pregnant in SA

Hi ladies, Im hoping we may be able to help each other I am currently in my second year post gra...

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I'm 31 weeks pregnant. Are you still looking for people? I hope I haven't left it too late to look for a midwifery student but haven...


Student Midwives

Hi! just found out that I'm 5 weeks along.. as I've seen a few student midwives advertising the...

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Hi I am a student midwife and I would love the opportunity to support you during your pregnancy and birth . In regards to hospital...


Speech Delay

Hello, I am a mother of two who chose to go back to school and finish year 12. Part of the study ...

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