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Country mum's who want to chat. Lock Rss

Hi! my name is Synni,I am 23 and I live in Murray Bridge.
I have two girls aged 22mths and 4 1/2.
Love to chat to any mum's out there who could do with a new friend!
You can contact me on my e-mail address or here!
My email address is [email protected]

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi Synni
My name is Sharryn and I used to live in Murray Bridge about 14 years ago, only for about 6 months and used to work in that bakery up an arcade. I now live in Mt Gambier. I am old smile (older first time mother) aged 39...I would love to chat but don't know if you would like to chat to someone old enough to be your mother!!! My son is 10 month old. So if you would still like to chat my email address is [email protected]
oops got my email addy wrong grin it's [email protected]
hey im 18 and live in Crystal Brook with my partner and 4 month old daughter

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

Hi Bek,
I have never been to Crystal Brook and was just wondering where it is?
If you would like to chat I have my email address on my original message!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

hi bek

my name is narelle i am 22 and have a 18 month old daughter. i have to ask who is widget edd?


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

hi synni
how are you? great i hope? need a chat email me

bye seonee

(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

Hi Seonee,
yes i am great! thanks for asking me though i had problems with this insistant friend that demands that i answer her! LOL
talk soon
Ps. holly has got her date for her opp the 12th march

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi my name is Alanna. I live in Renmark in the Riverland. Here is my email addy if any one would like a chat......

[email protected]

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

Hi all,

I am form Whyalla and have a four month old son who i adore. I live here with my finacee. So far things have been pretty smooth sailing. He got his four month jabs the other day and was feeling very sorry for himself that night sad

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi every one!
Sorry if i havn't managed to get back to all of you but the comp has been having hissy fits the last couple of months and wont let me online.
I f you would still like to chat my email address is
[email protected]
I am more likely to get back to you there! than on the huggies site.
anyway looking forward to chating to others mother's and making new friends and swaping stories!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

Hi im Zoe i live in Jamestown with a 4 month old son Tallan and my partner
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