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hi kym. iam in munno para right around the corner.. i have a boy 9 lil girl 2 if ya have msn add me chicky bye bye

kylie (30) from munno para

hi there charlene do you work at geoff browns my name is cathy im 37 and have a 16month old and a 9 wk old

Cathy S.A, girl Rylee 07/01/04+Lachlan 03/03/05

Im Alarna and Im in the North. near parafield way.
Anyway i come on the puter a bit during the day and a bit at night casue my baby son bayden is only 10weeks old so he still sleeps a fair bit.
if anybody is bored and u want to e mail a buddy or msn..
add me
hope to make some buds

mum to bayden 25/02/05

hi cathy. yes i do work for geoff brown. i was there for 8 years before i had shania. now i have gone back doing saturday mornings and all day monday. i do enjoy the work but there are only so many homeless kittens you can take home. where abouts do you live. i am in craigmore. i can't believe shania will be 2 on e-mail address is if you want to e-mail or we have msn messenger same address.

hi charlene,
Im trying to picture who you are, we may have met i was the rep for lyppards, i have rylee a girl who is 16 months and lachaln who is 9 weeks. we live at erindale near burnside. Besides being the rep i was also a nusre for 10 years.

Cathy S.A, girl Rylee 07/01/04+Lachlan 03/03/05

hi cathy. i was geoffs main nurse from 1994-2003.
i am fairly tall with brown hair which has varied in length and colour over the years. i finished in 2003 when i left to have shania.
my e-mail address is and we have msn messenger(same address).

I think i do know you if I havent met you in person then i have definately talked to you over the phone. do you know any one from lyppards.

Cathy S.A, girl Rylee 07/01/04+Lachlan 03/03/05

hey cathy i used to do most of our ordering through ann and donna. where were you a vet nurse. if you give me your e-mail address i will e-mail you a photo. do you have msn messenger.we do same e-mail address

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