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Hi Di,
I am taking it off him during the day and only giving it to him when he goes to sleep, But my daughter has a dummy as well so he thinks that he should have one as well. I can't take the dummy off the baby, I was told to use it as she wants to feed constantly. It gives me 3 hourly feeds instead of 1-2 hourly. We will just have to keep trying, A friend told me that santa is a good way to get rid of dummies, They leave the dummy out for santa and santa leaves toys in return! might have to give it a go. Christmas isn't too far a way now, Don't know what to get for the baby. Hope that your children are all well and i'll write again soon.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

You poor thing about the feeds as mine have always been good when it has come to feeds. In that case if it gives relief then let them have until they change there feed habits. i sure you'll know when you can remove it altogether but hang in there as some times the soother means that they are much happier and it gives you a bit of peace and time to do other things that need to be done.
Hi, I'm another Adelaide mum! I'm on the southern side. I'm 26 and I have an 8 year old son and a daughter who will be six months on Oct 24. I have just moved over here from the West Coast, so I don't know very many people yet. I look forward to hearing from someone.

Julie, SA, 8yr boy, 5mth girl

Hi there

My half daughter is 8 in December and i have a 3 year old daghter aswell. We Are going to be trying for a new baby next year? How are you enjoying Adelaide?

Mau, South Australia 2 girls, Trying for a boy

I was born here and have all my family here as well. But I must say I did like living in Victoria, although is different to SA you get use to it in ways. As I'm now single it was best for me to move back to SA for abit more support. I still have contact with friends over there and miss them very much as we formed a very close bond and I dont have friends like that over here any more. Its hard a lot of the time doing it all by myself but there are many times you get so much joy out the children. Now I'm hook on the internet when ever I can have spare time and its great chatting to you and others. I placed my email address on here so if you prefer we can chat that way.

Well shall I start by saying welcome. I hope you are finding it nice over here. I do understand its hard when you move interstate and dont know anyone, as I had lived in Victoria and knew no-one when I moved there and it took a while before I got to know people and now my very best friends are over there. We still try to stay in contact with each other as much as possible. I have posted my email address in another post so if you wish to chat you can do it that way if you wish. I also have lived on the southern side and still know where alot of things are. I even prefer to still shop at the Marion shopping centre as there set is great. Hopefully I will here from you again soon.

Hi, We will be trying for another one next year as well! I am enjoying living here, but I only know a couple of people, and they live over the other side of the city. Have you always lived here?

Julie, SA, 8yr boy, 5mth girl

I was born here but have also lived in Vic and NT. I love travelling but Adelaide will always be home. I think its a good state to bring up kids appart from the NT its still pretty quite letting kids be kids. My email address is if you wanted send an email its kinda quicker sometimes.

Hope to hear from you


Mau, South Australia 2 girls, Trying for a boy

Hi Julie yes I have always lived here and just spent a few years in and out of Victoria. Some times its nice to be some where else to live but its hard if you dont have any freind or not many. I put my email addy in another post so if you perfer you can stay in contact that way only if you wish to. Well all the kids are in bed and time to catch up on some much needed house work as I've been a bit slack the past few days and my little boy justs wants me to pay himso much attension and carry him around. It must be frustrating for him as when he see's the other two running around every where his feet and hands move flat out like he just cant wait to move around with them. The twins are such a great help with the baby as they just love doing things for him still at the moment but I'll wonder how long that will last. Time to get back to those chores that never seem to go away it would be so great if there was a magic wond we could wave and all that work would be done.

Chat soon Di.
Hi there. My name is Melody, I am 20 with a 10mth old baby. Finding it a bit hard as I got pregnant fairly early, so none of my close friends have babys so they don't really know what I'm going through. But hope to meet a few new people on here!!

Melody, SA 10mth girl

You are welcome to chat to me any time or others will I'm quiet shore. I put my email in another post and if you wish to stay in contact that way. Rest a shore I'm shore that you'll do just fine and just trust your own insists on well being of your bubs.

Hi Melody, I too live in Adelaide.
My name is Michelle, I'm 28 and have a gorgeous 14 month old little girl, Chloe. None of my friends have babies, so sometimes I feel pretty alone. Would love to chat with you. My email address is: if you want to chat.
Have a great day!

first time mum

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