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Help I need some new friends Lock Rss

Hi my name is pamela, i live with my fiance of 2 years darren and i am from adelaide i have a 4 month old baby. I feel like i am stuck in this house cause my friends want to go out but they dont want a baby hanging around.

So in the hope of meeting some new people i have come and posted.

I like to go shopping, walking, to the movies and hanging around. I am a happy person who love life, darren and my baby connor.

So if you are from adelaide i would like to here from you. You can contact me at and add me to your MSN messanger if you would like to?


TTC a baby girl

hi pamela
i just tried to add you to my msn and it said that i couldnt. i have a 5 mth old boy and would love to chat with you! my addy is try to add me see if it works!! cya cassie
Hi Pamela,
I tried to email you but it came back.
I would love to chat more, if you want to email me, my address is
Take care,

Cara, SA, 12mth baby boy

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