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Young mums in Adelaide Lock Rss

Hi... im Cindy- 20 years old (first time expectant mum) from Klemzig - Adelaide.... 30 weeks pregnant - I'm due December 26th.
I would love to hear from other expectant mums in Adelaide too...young, or young at heart wink
I have had such a smooth pregnancy, I cant believe it. The only 'problem' was 5 days of morning sickness - but that's it!! - I know I shouldnt boast, but I simply cant believe what a joy this pergnancy has been!! - I am currently doing all the fun things, like buying clothes, furniture, and picking names!!
If anyone would like to share experiances - or just have someone to email now and again to compare notes...
You can email me at:

Cindy due 26th December 04

Hey there Cindy

My name is Alex and I am 21 years old and live in the Adelaide Hills. I have the most perfect six and a half month baby boy called Elijah Eric who is the absolute love of my life. Firstly I just wanted to say congratulation on being an expectant mum, it is the best experience of my life as im sure it will be for you too.

I would love to chat/talk by email etc and you can contact me at either

I check them both just about every day. I really look forward to you and if you have any questions or anything you ever want to talk about I would love to answer anything that you may want to ask etc etc etc..

Hope your well and hope to hear from you soon.

Luv Angel

SA, beautiful baby boy born 3/04/04 my life

Hi there,
I'm Fiona, 22 and my son Kye is 12 months old. We live in norwood, but are moving to Klemzig in the next few weeks.
my msn is
if you want to chat.
Nice to meet you, and i had a wonderful easy pregnancy too!!! IT's soo great, isn't it!

South Australia- 21 Years old, Baby boy 09/11/03

Hey guys, im in Happy Valley smile
My boy Lachlan is 10 months old, gone too quick!
My msn is

P.S.- Fiona, where have you been??? Ima getting lonley here sad

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