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Gawler Hospital? Rss

I'm a young (26) first time Mum to be.
I'm currently 9 weeks.
I've called the pregnancy hotline and have been referred to the Gawler hospital.
I live in Roseworthy which is only 5 minutes away from there.
I don't know anyone who has been to Gawler and was would love to hear people's experiences.
I'm very happy that its so close but also a bit nervous that it is a lot smaller than Lyell McEwin where a few of my friends have raved about the care they got.
I know everyone's experience is different but I would love to hear from people as Im nervous because I cant find much online!
Thankyou smile
I had my first at LMH 3 years ago and just had my second at GHS a few weeks ago.
To be honest they both have their pros and cons.
I ended up emergency c section with both. LMH put me in a room by myself and said they try to put c section mums in a single room when possible. I had to share a room at Gawler and the bed area that is not by the window is so cramped. The window side is not quite so bad. Every thing at Lyell Mac is much more modern.
I found the midwives generally nicer at Gawler but there is one doctor there I hated.
Gawler was good for antenatal appointments, didn't have to wait as long, didn't have to pay for parking. Most midwives were really good.
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