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help 2 adhd kids who wont sleep Lock Rss

help please
has any one out there got any ideas to get a 6 and an 8 year old boys to sleep at night?it doesnt matter what time you put them to bed they always have excuses not to go to sleep.they are on medication sometimes this effects the sleeping pattern but if they dont have their medication they are so uncontrollable i watch what they eat and drink as colour and preservatives dont help their behaviour.

they sleep with a dull light on as my 6 year old has night terrors and the light off seems to make them worse.i try to put them to bed at eight thirty but they still dont go to sleep till way after twelve.i dont let them play but no matter what i do just does not work,they have a drink,have full bellys,read a book but nothing seems to work.

so if any one has any ideas it would be really helpfull as i also have a 16 month old son in the same room who i can not put to bed untill they are asleep as they keep him awake i have 5 kids so i have no other options to have the three to gether as i have a daughter who is in a room of her own and a 14year old who is in a room out the back.

any help would be appreciated
thanks for taking the time to read this


(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

HI seonee, I'm Tracey. While I don't have any solid advice for you I just wanted to say keep your chin up. Perhaps a later bed time and an awards system might help. KIds love attention and praise. Have a nephew with add and I know the rewards system helps curb some of his enthusiam.
Not sure if I have helped. Good luck.

love & light tracey

Mumma of Amber-jo and Mahayla

My mum and dad were foster parents to placement children over about 23 years. They used to take care of children from all kinds of broken familys, disabilities and plenty with adhd.
I cant help butI can say make sure they do ALOT of running about b4 tea time.
If you get really stuck, ask for help from Family and communnity service.
They can organise for some to help you with your kids.
Well if u have any queries I can ask my mum..just email me at [email protected]
Mum and dad know alot baout adhd, disability and problem kids.
Well hope i have been of some help

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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