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Private health care

Hi, I've just found out I'm expecting my first, Ill be moving to Perth in the next few weeks, can...

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All insurance companies on Australia have a 12 month waiting period for pregnancy related services so it would be of no use to you i...


Swim classes byford area?

I have been looking for a swim school open on Thursdays and have classes for my 5 month old DD. I...

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Would anyone be interested in adopting a granny?

Hi I am thinking of starting up a business adopting a granny. My family have all passed away an...

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Have you started the adopt a granny idea yet? Can you please let me know if you get it up and running.


My experience with Glengarry hospital/ Medibank private and ob Dr Catherine Harris

Hi all, After searching for lots of information myself prior to my delivery (and seeing lots of ...

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All great no we hadn't paid him woohoo!!! Im about 12 weeks now Iv booked my 12 week scan at Womens Imaging for 26th...nervous but...


Looking for a babysitter - Glen Forrest

Hi there, Are you or can you refer a baby sitter that is confident and able to look after a well ...

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the cute kid (online kids model agency?!)

Hi, I just saw online kid model agency(?!) called "the cute kid". You have to pay $19.95 for reg...

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We signed up and we didn't win but it was sure exciting seeing our little girl get so rambunctious about all of it! T.


Continuity Care Experience

Hi All, I am a registered nurse and studying a postgrade degree in midwifery at curtin universi...

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Mums fom Southern River, Canning Vale, Piarra Waters and Surrounds

Hi everyone, I have created a Facebook group for mums from Canning Vale, Southern River, Harrisda...

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Hi There, I have just sent a request. I'm not a mummy yet but hoping to be soon and looking for friends in Harrisdale area.


Young Mums Group

Hi, I was looking for a mums group around Joondalup or Clarkson/Merriwa/Quinns/Butler. Anybody kn...

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Will do No worries


Doula Perth

Hi, I'm Sam a Doula A Doula is essentially a professional childbirth assistant. However, many d...

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Rachy1987 wrote: Hi Sam Sounds interesting.. what is the actual process? im currently 13 weeks pregnant. Regards Rachael Hi Rach...


Dr Adam Gubbay or Dr James Jeffery

Hi, I'm trying to figure out who I should go see re: my first pregnancy. I was one of the lucky ...

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No problems. Best of luck with the pregnancy.


Missed going to mothers group

I have a 9 week old baby apparently i have missed the opening for taking my son to a mothers grou...

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Looking to join or start a mothers group

Hi all, I have a 9 week old son and am looking at either joining a mothers group preferably in t...

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Canning Vale Mums

Hi all, i have a 9 week old baby and am looking for mums with babies around the same age to mee...

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Mothers group near Success area in Perth

Hi ladies I have recently moved back to Perth from N.Z and looking for a mothers group around Su...

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Hi there, I'm from New Zealand as well, we live in Rockingham, again, not that far from Cockburn, we have been living over here for ...


looking for friends

Hi, I live in Rockingham, and would like to meet up with some new mums, I have a 6 week old and a...

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Formula Feeding mums of 0 - 6 month olds in here!!

Hi all, I had to supplement with formula for a couple of days before I was able to get my milk s...

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Looking for newborn model

Hello to all the mums and mums-to-be! I am new on this forum. I have 2 kids myself and enjoying b...

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Mothers Group/ Catch ups for young mums

Hello, Im 21 years old and expecting my first child in 4 weeks. Im currently moving to the Mount ...

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Thank you very much for your help, i will call and see what i can do! much appreciated!


Great suburbs in Perth (advice pleeeez)

Hi All, It looks like we'll be moving to Perth as hubby has landed a FIFO job, which I'm pretty ...

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That would be great if you could get back to me about Kalamunda Primary. It seems to rate pretty well on the WA School Rankings web...


Good GP needed NOR

Hi ladies, My husband and I have just moved to Perth from Brisbane and are living in Kingsley. ...

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Hi there. Joondalup drive medical centre has a lady doctor Connelly or I used dr Jane spencer who has just moved to subiaco medical ...


Young Mums North of the River :)

Hi all over 6 weeks ago i became a very proud new mummy to a wittle boy I was wondering if th...

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The only young mum i know used to work at the same place as me. I think theres a young mums group nearby but i havent gone to that y...


looking for friends

Hi Im angela im 30 and im a single mummy to Ben who is 7 years old and Mikayla who is 13 weeks. ...

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Pregnant in Perth?

Hi there! I'm Rachel and I'm halfway through my training to be a midwife. As part of my course ...

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thanks unique1 - i hope you still had a great experience


Rockingham Beach school and Rockingham senior high school

Hi everyone, looks like we may be moving to this area and wondering on opinions on this school pl...

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HIya, I grew up there, but went to the catholic primary school ( star of the sea) and Kolbe Catholic college for high school, my hu...



Hi, im 21 and have a son aged one i am just wondering if there is any young mums who want to catc...

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Hi all im a 23 year old new mummy of a gorgeous 6 weeks old baby boy and i live in Clarkson. Would love to meet some other new mu...


Are you less than 35wks pregnant and live in Perth?

Hello, My name is Sally, I'm a registered nurse with 5 years experience in general, emergency and...

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Private Schools Perth - VENT

I can't beleive I have spent over $500 putting my child down on various private school waiting li...

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4D ultrasound

Hi can anyone tell me do they do 4D ultrasounds in Perth and if so where and is it covered by Med...

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THANKS SO MUCH!!! Managed to get squeezed in at late notice am excited now!! : )


Looking for company in Darch area!

Hello! New to the forum. I have a 4 1/2 month old baby boy and my husband works very long days! I...

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Hi Amber, I also live in Darch and have 3 year old twin sons. Would be happy to catch up sometime. My email address is debori@hotm...


Diamond Images Photography

Perth's Maternity & Newborn Specialist. You can find diamond images on Facebook or visit my webs...

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Private/Public Schools

Hello, Tossing up whether I should be registering my bub for private or public school ? I went t...

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decide what you want out of your childs education. What do you want them to learn? What values are important to you? Once you know t...



Hello, I'm 28 years old and a first time mum to a 3 week old baby girl, I would like to meet up ...

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Hi Ashweey. I am 28 and in Beechboro. Im sure we could arrange something. Email me at Chat soon


Diebetes with pregnancy in Perth

Hi, Does anyone has any experience with King Edward Diabetes service for pregnant women? I just...

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Hi Luisa333333 I have heard very mix comments about it. KEMH is good for hight risk pregnancy and delivery, like prem birth...... b...



Hello, Just wondering if anyone can give me directions on finding a decent childcare centre in P...

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Hi every one im from the eastern states and moved to perth the other day i was having a chat to m...

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Really disappointing Disney on Ice is one of my childhood memories and yet it is another show that seems think there isn't enough ma...


Can any perth mums help me out please??

Hi Mums and Dads out there, my son was born 3 days ago and has extra pinky finger digits on both...

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I haven't experienced it but what about putting gloves/mittens on him? I would think that normal pain response would stop him rippi...


want to meet new friends

Hi there, Im 28 year old with a 7 year old daughter and currently 23 weeks pregnant with a littl...

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Hi im not in the exact same boat, but i am looking for new friends as well, im stuck with my kids and hubby in a small town in nth...


Looking for Mum Friends New to Perth

Merry Christmas All, I have recently moved to Perth from Auckland. I have been here for about 2...

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Hi Girls I attend a great playgroup which is always looking for new members and we are just down the road from Monkey Bars. It is ...


Looking for Mothers Group/friends in Joondalup

Hey, I'm new to the area, I'm 33 years old with a 13 month old boy and I am 7 months pregnant. I'...

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